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Author: [Poker] Topic: I have to question the whole on line poker industry
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Posted: 4/23/2012 2:27:08 AM
I have been kind of weary to play since the debacle. I hit the Nuggets second half bigger than garbage today and figure, what the heck lets play some cards.
I sit down at a 1-2 fixed table. I have played a ton of poker in my life but what happened next was too much.
You know when someone just has your number? Well, I am playing at two tables and this guy is friggin me in the behind at both of em. Really, no big deal, happens all the time. Poker right?
So he takes me for about $100 bucks at 1-2 FL ( this is a pretty good amount at this size table) and then leaves.....
I am like wow, I would never leave a streak like that. If I have KQ he has big slick and the king is on the board. I make trip sixes to the ace kicker and he has the boat, you know poker.
I am steaming a little but look, I gamble and the truth is if you have played a lot of cards you know this is the way it goes........
So he leaves and a  new player pops up in both his spots? Odd, I think. Right off, this MF  starts winning. Same thing.. Hmmmmmm.
Now that is really odd, he is winning at both tables large.
So I comment in the little box, watch , wooohooo2 will not lose.
And he does not but 3 hands later , he is gone from both tables up about 40 more dollars. So, two steaming hot guys, get up and leave while destroying a small game of poker. One right after  I tell everyone how he cannot lose.
To me, it is suspicious.
I have played my last hand of on line poker at Sports Interaction, cashed out today.
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Posted: 4/23/2012 10:48:58 AM
Smart man, stay away from online poker.
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Posted: 4/24/2012 5:12:36 AM
Why can't It just be legit
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