Seattle at Carolina (10/07/2012)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: Seattle at Carolina (10/07/2012)
Covers PM Covers
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Posted: 9/30/2012 10:03:11 AM

Away:  Seattle [2-2 ATS]
Home:  Carolina [2-2 ATS]

Game Time: 4:05 PM
Stadium: Bank of America Stadium

Recent Meetings:

Team Leaders:

Passing: Russell Wilson (594)
Rushing: Marshawn Lynch (423)
Receiving: Sidney Rice (132)

Passing: Cam Newton (1013)
Rushing: Cam Newton (167)
Receiving: Steve Smith (348)

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mac0706 PM mac0706
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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:28:52 AM
Panthers by TD
Champkande PM Champkande
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Posted: 10/2/2012 12:53:24 PM
TheQuadYeah PM TheQuadYeah
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Posted: 10/2/2012 8:22:40 PM

C'mon, you think the Sea-Turds are going to continue East after a beating in St. Louis and then chase Cam around for 3 hours?!??!?!

In the words of Cris Carter and the rest of the ESPN crew - "C'mon Man!!!!!!!"

First of all, the Sea-Turkeys should be 1-3, not 2-2 but I digress.......................

If you're really worried, then buy the FG hook right now. Otherwise, sit back and watch the reason Steve Smith yelled at Cam last weekend............

Panthers minus 2.5, or 3, or 3.5, or 6

Runnie72 PM Runnie72
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Posted: 10/2/2012 8:46:29 PM
like panthers to bounce back in a pissed off fashionand cover big. Seattle offense is anemic minus Lynch

Car -3
vue21849 PM vue21849
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Posted: 10/2/2012 11:03:39 PM

  Seahawks had their chance last week, and blew it. Not this week! I guess "their success" against the Pack is now a distant memory. Boo Hoo!


chargerfan10 PM chargerfan10
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Posted: 10/3/2012 11:52:54 PM
Sea +3 5 unit max bet

I don't see Cam et al running on that Sea rush defense.  How will Caro stop Lynch?

dustyvaultz PM dustyvaultz
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Posted: 10/4/2012 2:31:19 AM
Cam is pissed lol -3
Tarynfor12 PM Tarynfor12
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Posted: 10/4/2012 8:18:09 AM


It's not that I buy into Newton so much,it's that I don't and won't buy into Wilson.

rumalo PM rumalo
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Posted: 10/4/2012 8:10:13 PM
car -3???  should be -7    take panthers here, seattle  sucks on the road 
seahawks44 PM seahawks44
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Posted: 10/5/2012 1:12:16 PM
   SEAHAWKS 21  CAR 23
mtbaker PM mtbaker
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Posted: 10/5/2012 11:09:43 PM
Seabags on the ML keee
joedaddy76 PM joedaddy76
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Posted: 10/6/2012 1:49:00 PM

Oh boy - I love when the clones jump on this thread early and chime in with the same pick without enough solid reason to back their pick.  What is this nonsense all about in saying that Seahawks are a bad road team?  Geez clones - we are only 4 games into the year and i bet alot of you are already studying stats, hahahahaaha. 

The value here is clearly with Seattle being the underdog as they are undoubtedly the better team in pretty much all facets of the game.  Their defense is so nasty that I can see Cam coughing up the ball again and throwing a pick in this matchup.  And Carolina's defense is so mediocre, that I don't think Lynch should have much of a problem knifing thru them all day.  Carolina is also very weak in their secondary, so Wilson should have a better chance of managing his 3rd down situations.  Don't be too quick to give up on Wilson cuzz that kid is the real deal.  Rookies don't beat out vets because they're average.  Just may take some time to work on certain things but this team doesn't need Wilson to win the game for them - just not lose the game for them.

Seattle ML

Dinitalian PM Dinitalian
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Posted: 10/6/2012 6:52:14 PM
Panthers 24
Seattle 16

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ATLiens007 PM ATLiens007
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Posted: 10/7/2012 12:30:11 AM
Seahawks cover!
Odykov PM Odykov
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Posted: 10/7/2012 1:08:42 AM
Seahawks great D , but not the type to stop a scrambling CAM! Plus their offense is pathetic. And I'm going shocker special with the OVER as well
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holtnt PM holtnt
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Posted: 10/7/2012 5:48:25 AM

I’m quite sure Ron Rivera has been kicking himself in the Axx all week long for punting that ball back to Matt Ryan in the Georgia Dome when he had a 6’5’’ 250 pound number one overall draft pick under center who could have effectively ended that game by sneaking forward for a little less than 36 inches…  I see a very focused Panther squad hosting a very overrated squad from the left coast on Sunday so….


Put me down for Carolina minus less than a field goal for a nickel Alex Trebek please.  Thanks! 

jorge112270 PM jorge112270
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Posted: 10/7/2012 8:43:53 AM
Pokeyrich PM Pokeyrich
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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:20:40 AM
i like your post joedaddy but take a look at who carolina has played, tb slow moving game low score then NO NYG and Atl. all top in offense. so yes carolinas stats look like garbage on d.  seattle going east early game low scoring but carolina pulls it out 20 10.
king_of_diamond PM king_of_diamond
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:26:52 AM
I tend to stay away from teams playing back to back road games. Actually, I like to look at the opposite side in this case. Does anyone know if Seattle traveled back home after their game in St. Louis?
chiprush PM chiprush
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Posted: 10/7/2012 11:15:32 AM
This is Seattle's coming out Party. The best defense in the league. With a 3-3 record after this weekend, the whole division will be above .500 and will now be known as the best in the league.
chiprush PM chiprush
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Posted: 10/7/2012 11:17:05 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by chiprush:

This is Seattle's coming out Party. The best defense in the league. With a 3-2 record after this weekend, the whole division will be above .500 and will now be known as the best in the league.
bkg1010 PM bkg1010
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Posted: 10/7/2012 11:42:36 AM
Panthers -1 Under the total !  
PeteyRose PM PeteyRose
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Posted: 10/7/2012 12:53:17 PM
SEA + 3
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vietdeity86 PM vietdeity86
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Posted: 10/7/2012 1:17:23 PM
line went from -3 to -1, be careful carolina backers!
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