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Posted: 6/15/2012 4:38:51 PM
I went to the weigh-in for Quigg/Munroe today, and also watched Ryan Rhodes and Rabchencko being weighed in. I was just a few feet from them and had a very good look.

A good friend of mine has been working with Rabchencko the last couple of weeks. Even HE says that Rabchencko has little chance to beat Rhodes.......he's just a little soft. I saw the same thing when they stripped down to be weighed. Despite being older, Rhodes in in amazing shape, and moves like a wolverine....quick, coordinated, dangerous. Rabchencko looks to be in decent shape, but not really great boxing shape. He's been highly protected so far, having fought next to nobody. Rhodes has fought at the highest Euro level, and though he lost to Saul Alvarez, he looked good, and made it to the 12th before losing by TKO. Rabchencko hasn't been NEAR anyone of that level.

The only reason the odds on this fight are close to even is that Rhodes is 35, but any fears I had about betting on a 35 year old disappeared today when I saw them both up close. Rhodes should run rings around Rabchencko, and is a bargain at -120 or so.

Being in the UK, I also have bets available on the method of victory, and can get +180 on a Rhodes by points outcome. Rabchencko is a big tough guy...though slow. Rhodes is a flashy boxer, so a points win by Rhodes at +180 is pretty tempting as well.

The small risk is that Rabchencko DOES have a very, very hard punch. I doubt he'll land it successfully, but there is an outside chance of him KOing Rhodes (though he'd never win on points, in particular in Manchester). So a small cover bet on Rachenko by KO could be do-able...and the odds are +300.

The main thing is that Rhodes is great value. Just seeing the two of them side-by-side was really revealing. Rab sort of plods around, looking slow and clumsy. Rhodes is like a coiled spring.


rzagza PM rzagza
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Posted: 6/16/2012 12:30:47 AM
Garbage domestic fight. These guys are totally unreliable. Tread lightly. 
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Posted: 6/16/2012 7:11:12 AM
just betted 200 pounds for rhodes to win on decision...i dont mind since i got this money from playing diablo 3 selling gold lol so if i lose its ok but if i win! YES!
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