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CPL4 Rd13 Sunday April 14

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Author: [Soccer] Topic: CPL4 Rd13 Sunday April 14
BigGameBubba PM BigGameBubba
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Posted: 4/7/2013 5:10:36 PM
CPL4 Special Royal Rumble Edition:
Each member will be in direct competition with their other 4 group members.(15 Rounds)
Every Round... group members  will be ranked 1st - 5th based on total ROI/units earned for that round.
1st = 5 points    2nd = 3 points    3rd = 2 points   4th = 1 point   5th = 0 points. 
Bonus 16th Round...All CPL members get ranked based on their best one Round ROI/unit total gained. Members will be ranked from 1st to 10th and the respective points will be added to their total. Point structure ascends by 1 starting with 1 point for 10th.

Standard Rules:
*All plays are to win/risk 1 unit (1.00)
*All players must post a play for every day of the week(One per Daily Thread)..any unposted day will result in a loss of 1 unit (-1.00)
*Players are allowed to post plays days in advance.(Please post in correct Daily thread)
*All posted plays are final...no changes allowed.
*All valid plays must have started before 11:59 pm Eastern Time and must have been posted before kickoff.
*All posted plays are final...no changes allowed.
*A Push is a Push...no alternative play will be permitted.
*A game that has been cancelled/abandoned or postponed will be counted as a Push.
*All plays are valid except the following...
...No Parlays
...No in play live bets
...No combo bets other than HT/FT
Gold Plays:
*One play per week/Round. 
*Every correct play will earn 1 League point.
*A valid Gold play is one that is clearly labelled..Gold Play...no exceptions
*If a Gold play is abandoned/cancelled or postponed...another Gold Play will be permitted for a different day of the same week. (Original play will still count as a Push for that day). If the Gold Play in question is scheduled for Sunday...then it will be the CPL members' responsibility to provide another Gold play from the remaining games left that Sunday. (Again.. the original play will count as a push for that day and the alternate play will only be used towards Gold Play status and not the weekly ROI.)

Off the Table Rule: Once a CPL member makes a Gold Play on a match...that match will be taken Off the Table for any more plays by any other CPL member from both groups. All existing plays made on that match prior to the indication of a Gold Play will be valid/live.

Posting Plays: 
...Gold Play (If Applicable)
...Post the Country/League and the Play with American odds.
...The Posted line must be available at the time of posting your play.
...Do not refer to lines found on betting exchanges...Ex. Betfair.

Play Range:
...All plays must be made within the range of -300 to +300

fastfrankpicks PM fastfrankpicks
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Posted: 4/13/2013 2:19:01 PM
United States Major league Soccer

5;00pm Houston ML -125 (BetVictor)
happyshine PM happyshine
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Posted: 4/13/2013 9:57:29 PM

Montedio Yamagata ML +300 ( bet 365 )

I'm going for a homerun or Hail Mary pass whatever u want to call  
billyloco PM billyloco
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Posted: 4/14/2013 7:39:13 AM

(((((( HT ))))))

Malmo +118
DiamondJack PM DiamondJack
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Posted: 4/14/2013 8:31:46 AM
Gaziantepspor OVER 2.5 @ 2.10/+110 (TUR)
Snafu68 PM Snafu68
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Posted: 4/14/2013 9:29:16 AM


Germany - Bundesliga
Augsburg - Eintracht Frankfurt pk/+½ -118


Mike C. PM Mike C.
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Mike C.
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Posted: 4/14/2013 1:07:06 PM
Portland/San Jose Draw +238 (Pinny)
Seymour24 PM Seymour24
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Posted: 4/14/2013 1:52:44 PM
Spain La Liga

Real Madrid TT O2 -136
BigGameBubba PM BigGameBubba
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Posted: 4/14/2013 1:56:49 PM
Italia Serie A

Milan vs Napoli Both teams to score YES  -137 

ajpoker PM ajpoker
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Posted: 4/14/2013 3:13:52 PM
Newells/Tigre over 2-130
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