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HookEmHorns22 PM HookEmHorns22
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Posted: 9/30/2012 11:19:09 PM
What's your take on the Clemson/GT game?
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Dledien21 PM Dledien21
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Posted: 9/30/2012 11:27:06 PM
Ohio St can't play for the national championship. Brain fart on my part for a minute. So the big 10 has zero teams technically. 
FriendlyKnocker PM FriendlyKnocker
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Posted: 9/30/2012 11:53:01 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by HighScore:

Boom, saw the TCU game.  The miscues at the end don't seem like they're on the take.  Wet conditons.  Ball goes through the holders hands on a fg... ball goes through the punters hands on one.. and  the other the long snapper left it short of the punter.  The week before, the accusation was Pachal was on the take.  He didn't do anything that would make me think so this time around.  Some of those wr's are plain bad.  Again, maybe due to the wet conditions but wr's had some drops.  The players with the st miscues are all probably non scholly guys.

Heading into the conference schedule, I don't think TCU has the firepower at the wr position to hang with a West Virginia.  They should be favored by 7.5 over an Iowa St at home. 

last night not withstanding, the WR position is the biggest strength of this TCU team
diptom PM diptom
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Posted: 10/1/2012 12:07:54 AM
They said his foot hit the pylon out of bounds in the air but makes no sense bc technically the pylon is in bounds. No pylon easy call I was in total shock they called that nuk Td back. Atleast we scored and took more time off the clock.
ccbulldog PM ccbulldog
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Posted: 10/1/2012 12:09:04 AM
The main reason the West Va offense looked un-stoppable is because Baylor has the WORST defense I've ever seen for a major program. Their defensive players looked like they were LETTING West Va. score as soon as possible so they could put their offense back on the field. 
TopHog PM TopHog
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Posted: 10/1/2012 12:27:12 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by diptom:

They said his foot hit the pylon out of bounds in the air but makes no sense bc technically the pylon is in bounds. No pylon easy call I was in total shock they called that nuk Td back. Atleast we scored and took more time off the clock.

It's a simple rule that most people don't know.....if you have possession of the ball and then hit the pylon, it is a TD. If you hit the pylon before you have possession of the football, you are out of bounds. 
LetsBeatDaHouse PM LetsBeatDaHouse
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Posted: 10/1/2012 1:05:38 AM

Upset alert among these? michigan st, florida st, wisonsin, nevada, oregon st, ohio, san diego st? Your top 3 ML winners? Thanks for your input every week.

Lucan PM Lucan
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Posted: 10/1/2012 4:42:04 AM


The top 10 is a media buildup like they had Michigan at No8 and USC at No1 and LSU at No2...it's total BS and you should know this, this early into the season.

I know Alabama can't be all that every game, i didn't fall off no turnip truck and hit my head.

I would not say they are better then everybody else either, as much as i hate saying that but lets keep it real the truth is the truth. Believe me if they were i would argue with you are anybody else that says their not.

I know they will lose, guess winning all the time just spoils me.

Now moving on lets talk about LSU and their flying D, is that the same D that let North Texas score 14, or Idaho 14, or maybe Auburn 10 and Towson 22. Wow....i say they better have an offense giving up 63 points in 5 games to the likes of

NT, Washington, Idaho, Auburn, Towson.

Talking about not knowing what they have because they have not played anybody worth a hoot.

If they don't pick things up they could lose the next 6 games Flordia, SC, Texas A&M, Alabama, Miss St and yes even Ole Miss at this point Arkansas is the worst them left on their schedule.

Now lets talk about Georgia's top 10 offense as you say they are!

They played Ball St, Missouri, Florida Atlantic, Vandy, Tenn is there a good defense in there or did i miss something, and lets not talk about their D giving up 110 points in 5 games...gezz.

No wonder you think they have the best offense in the nation.

South Carolina you say is the best team in the nation also or you talking about the same SC that as played Vandy, East Carolina, UAB, Missouri, and Kentucky and gave up 56 points. Look to me like Spurrier was sweating a few of them games out including this past weekend against a sorry Kentucky team.

I agree Lattimore will play in the NFL and i could give you some more names at RB across the country that will also, him being a starter well we will just have to wait and see.

Now Flordia was the last one on your list, tell me have you been watching their games because they to have been lucky coming back in the 4th qt this year. All but the Kentucky game that is but then again it's Kentucky what else would you expect from them.

They are no where near coming back they can't score 40 points against Bowling Green, Texas A&M, Tenn, or Kentucky.

I do won't to point out one thing i'm not an SEC fan just an Alabama fan for right at 50 years now.

Believe this the SEC is down this year and now the schedules are fixing to get tuff compared to who they have played it will show, so bet your money accordingly to what they are or you will lose.

I'm not even getting into your other arguements with me because you listed USC (media buildup) Ohio State (one dimisional) WV (no defense what so ever) and i'm tired and ready for some sleep.

Now go pick somebody else's noise or maybe give your own opinion's without trying to make me look bad.

rLp PM rLp
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Posted: 10/1/2012 10:00:16 AM


Once again, you came through for me on a couple of your picks.  Nebraska under was tuf to take.  17 points in the first 5 minutes of the game obviously really hurt.  After that, that game settle down to what it was suppose to be.  But the start?  Good God; the long pass; fumble on their own end, and then the ko return really hurt.  Aside from that, the Baylor over, and I was heistant to take OSU b/c I have watched that horrid offense (with a terrible tackling defense) for three weeks.  But, you coaxed me into it when you backed them.

btw.  I'm sure you dont like it when people tell you what (or how to bet) but, just saying; jump on Michigan -3 while you can.  I can give you a 3 page thesis on this bet.  I laid down $500 myself.

Good Luck Next week.

apeterson8809 PM apeterson8809
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Posted: 10/1/2012 10:25:11 AM
That was probably one of the most brutal weeks of college football i've seen in awhile.  6-9 is much better than my 2-7..  I shared many of the same picks as you - actually putting them in prior to reading your thread.  I was happy to see we were on the same side of games like; Cali -2, Nebr unders..  etc..  Arizona also fked me..  What a week...

Better luck next week.  Luck was the big factor last week.  Your picks seemed spot on..  They were obviously very sharp - luck just didn't fall our way.

GL Boom 
jrock88 PM jrock88
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Posted: 10/1/2012 11:55:38 AM
The service academies are very poor this year.  Unfortunately I've been a life long Navy fan.  Navy's run of destroying Army should come to an end this year.  Come early December I'd be on Army as a pick or better.  This week I jumped on Air Force early at -9. I've faded Navy every week except against VMI.

As for Army, they lost to a Stony Brook team that is actually pretty talented.  In Week 3 they lost at the Carrier Dome 28-17.  I had them getting 17 points, and they were ahead of Syracuse until late in the 3rd quarter.  That was Stony Brook's only loss this year. Coming into this past week they were ranked 18th in the FCS and will move up with this win.

Yes, the Commander in Chief's trophy will be a joke this year, but much like picking the president it will have to go to the one that sucks the least.  My guess is that will be Air Force.

Thanks for your write-up/notes.  Very interesting read.  Best of luck.

thisguyiswise PM thisguyiswise
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Posted: 10/1/2012 12:32:35 PM
Penn State is now 5-0 ats 1st half lines outscoring oppenents in the first quarter about 56-0 if i remember the stat correctly.
shark_apreza PM shark_apreza
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Posted: 10/1/2012 3:24:52 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Boom_Boom:

Sides  20 - 28   -14.5 units   Max Bets  ( 1 - 1)

                                           Ten Things We Learned

1. If any of you missed the Baylor an West By God Virginia game yesterday shame on you! Wow what a game. Both offense are insanely good. yeah..it was entertaining...but wvga fans must really eb concerned the day wvga faces  a good deffensive unit with an average offense... cuz sure wvga showed they cant stop their own garbage even if their lives depend on it

2. Did you guys see John L. Smith Press conference this week? What a idiot. The guy goes on and on about bull garbage and then he pops off with a " we are the state of Alabama ". What John? I'm sorry what? As the great Jim Carrey once said. " Just when you can't get any stupider, you go and do this" im sorry razorback fans, I really am. The worst is still yet to come friends.--- razors should go on and blow petrino and ask him on their knees to come back.--- as much as i despise him for being a douche... he made this  a great program and a SEC contender

3. Im thinking Virginia Tech doesn't want anything to do with the Big East anymore. Tech for whatever reason really struggles with teams for the Big East LOL. I cant put my finger on it. But one thing is for sure now, can we put Logan Thomas horse garbage to bed now? talk about overrated. I mean my goodness, this guy has never showed any real flashes of being great IMO. But every " professional " is in love with the guy and thinks he's the next great thing. You really want some advise V.T fans? Fire Beamer, It's time.

4. I know it may look like I'm picking on sparty every week, but im not. Look, if you cant score in today's game, you cant win, it's as simple as that. Sparty is one of the worst offensive teams Ive seen in a few years. Usually I give a team some time before I start to pick on there young QB or if there running a new offense. But I only do that if there looks like there is hope or light at the end of the tunnel. There is none here! Sparty is great defensive team, but something has to give. Whats most concerning to me is not the fact that Sparty is having problems. It's the fact there losing AT home. Sparty almost never lost at home. Now it's getting to be something regular.--- MSU its juts a shell of  what was just a year ago

5. I know the SEC plays great defense so im waiting for somebody to explain the Tennessee Georgia game to me. I can tell you one thing and it irks me to say it. But if that Georgia team comes to Columbia this weekend, the gamecocks are gonna have a field day with this group. Oh yeah SEC. Nice performance out of LSU yesterday to Little Johns Bible college. WTF! I would say some things about how Alabama played, but these guys win for me more then they lose. -- well if the cocks that play the 1sth vs kty show.. UGA will be in for a cake walk

6. I think we need to keep a weekly report on TCU guys. Hell maybe we will be the source that takes this team down with allegations. I really dont know what's going on with TCU. Are they shaving points? If not, there not making a good argument for it. SMU threw 5 picks yesterday and fumbled once for a grand total of 6 turnovers. I didn't watch any of the game, I do plan on going back and watching some of it. So if any of you watched it, share please. I think TCU is on the take men, Things just dont seem right.--YES THEY ARE I FOR THE FIX

7. I'm probably the only person to notice but what the hell has happened to the service academy's this year? Do you guys know that Navy got shutout 12 - 0 to San Jose, which btw, isn't a bad football team. And Army got beatdown by Stony Brook 23 - 3. You know, the powerhouse Stony Brook. You know! What? Stony what? This years Army navy game should be a thriller! -- no ur not the only one, ive taken account of it since the season started..only team that separates is AF

8. Georgia Tech the rambling wreck a helluva engineer. LOL. What? Something you guys dont know about me but im about to tell you. You all know I hate little brother here in the state called the gamecocks, but G.T is a real close second. I wish these nerds in Atlanta would lose every game they ever play. Nothing and I mean nothing made me more happier yesterday then to see the nerds from Atlanta lose to Middle Tennessee st. Not just lose I might add, but got smacked in the mouth. A little running back called " Bam Bam " Benny Cunningham ran threw the G.T defense like hot butter. Hey, when things are going bad in life, you can always root against the nerds and things seem better.

9. Did anyone see the TD that Nuke Hopkins caught yesterday against B.C called out of bounds? You think the Monday night mess with the hail marry was bad. Go watch this play. I promise you it will be the worse call you have ever see in your life time. hands down the worst Ive seen maybe ever. Really all day Clemson was getting the shaft from the officials. But this was beyond ridiculous. Trust me, go watch the play and you will come back speechless. What's really hard to understand is the fact they reviewed it and still got it wrong. Good for Clemson they were able to overcome all the BS and beat B.C down pretty good. ...this week i see ur tigers trashing HUGE gATECH

10. After 5 weeks it seems for me anyways I just cant get over the hump. Hanging around .500 for the year is something I not use to. You guys have seen my work on here for years now, by now, I'm already separating and having another successful season. But one thing is true. I'm not gonna get excited, Ive been doing this for a long time and I feel confident in my abilities. If there is one person on this website that will stay focused it's me. One thing I have done much better this year is handle the " haters ". I am not letting them get to me. I do think it's funny that people are so obsessed with me and what I do and say on here that they have to make alias just to try an put me down. But for every " clown " so to speak on here, there are tons of great people. Guys, dont give up on me. The Best is yet to come.         

Picks later
nostradamus12 PM nostradamus12
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Posted: 10/1/2012 4:14:03 PM
BOL this week boom
Lefty_Rosenthal PM Lefty_Rosenthal
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Posted: 10/1/2012 4:15:35 PM
Hey boom, I saw that hopkins TD and at first agreed that it was the worst call I've ever seen, then when the replay upheld the horrible call I thought it was the worst review uphold ever.  But later in the broadcast a little known rule was explained.  If a player hits the pylon first then lands he is considered out.  I personally never knew this rule, and it seems retarded, but technically the officials made the right call because hopkins did hit the pylon with his foot first before coming down with his toe in bounds.  Agree that Clemson got raped most of the day, but that wasn't one of them
Boom_Boom PM Boom_Boom
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Posted: 10/1/2012 4:38:37 PM
ShadG - Thanks bud..and GL to both of us

Lucan - Alabama looked like...whatever this past week. As i stated tho, im not to mad....They win for me more then they lose.

Fat person -

Paddy - I hope so... I always feel like I have the heartbeat of the game. I hope it pays off this week

Ill - Im not sure man... I think it could go either way... Michigan had 2 weeks to prepare as well.

Dled - SEC is the best conference...but not as much as most think.

Hotsause - Hopkins is a beast. Clemson has 2 #1 receivers.  Sammy and Hopkins are among the 5 best receivers in the country...and there on the same team!!!

Trey - Thanks... I think you guys lose bud

Hookem - Clemson will win and cover.... Im just waiting on the line to dip under 10. It will because of the history with these teams. Trust me.... Clemson has revenge on their minds and there gonna run the damn score up if given the chance

CC - that offense is very dynamic. NO MATTER WHO THEY PLAY. Yes Baylor is bad on defense, but lets acknowledge the fact that W.V is very good, not the other way.

Letsbeatdahouse - I dont see any... but i there were one on that list I would say FSU...only because there on the road at night.

RLP - thanks.... I lean Michigan as well. I have another guy here in my thread named ILL claiming Purdue is the play of the week...now Im confused.

Apet - Yeah man.. it is what it is... lets move on

jrock - I love the service academies.. I hope they turn it around. Im still not sold that army will beat navy until they actually do it.

Thisguy - I like Penn this week... You?

shark -

Nostra - My man.. GL this week bud

Lefty - I think its the dumbest rule in all of football.... DUMBEST

Boom_Boom PM Boom_Boom
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Posted: 10/1/2012 4:39:40 PM
Here we go guys............... just a few for now.

Miami   + 14  2.5 units

Oklahoma  -5   2 units

LSU  -2.5   2 units

CarterSECpicks PM CarterSECpicks
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Posted: 10/1/2012 5:09:40 PM

Lucen the best thing going for Alabama other than having a pro offensive line an a great coach is this and this is huge. The refs swallow their whistles when it comes to calling Alabama for holding. They are never called for holding ever and they hold on 75% of their offensive plays. Noone will beat Alabama thism year unless some major injuries come into play and then it wont be easy for any opponent.

austintx11 PM austintx11
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Posted: 10/1/2012 5:21:33 PM
Lsu? Mettenberger looks like dog garbage. 
tinoker55 PM tinoker55
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Posted: 10/1/2012 5:38:05 PM
Like the LSU and Okl picks but im not buying into Miami this year, just think they played an out of sync BC squad last weekend and BARELY pulled it out at home no less,, GL...
Dledien21 PM Dledien21
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Posted: 10/1/2012 6:04:58 PM
My point about the SEC is that a lot of haters come out here and say they are overrated year in and year out and at the end they win the national championship. 6 straight years. You can't deny that they aren't the best year in and year out. Take the top 5 in the SEC.. Bama, LSU, Georgia, SC and Florida. Bama #1 in the SEC would be favored against any #1 from another power conference. #2 LSU would probably be favored against any #2 in any power conference. #3 Georgia would be favored against any #3 in any other power conference. #4 SC would be favored against any #4 in another power conference and #5 Florida would be favored against any other conferences #5. They are better then everyone else. How is this a "down year" when that would be the case. I am saying all of these would be neutral site games.

Lucan- LSU has given up 14 14 and 10 in 3 games. That's not bad. I don't care if they are playing terrible teams or not. Freak things happen and it's really really hard to not give up points against ANY team for 60 minutes. The Towson game they just didn't care about. Real easy to see.

Georgia has a very good Qb and really talented young RB's. They will be able to score on MOST teams in the country. The teams they will struggle against are from the??? U guessed it the SEC because their D is superior to most. I still say they have a top 10 Offense

Next we have SC. You can win Ugly and still be called a top team. SF does it basically every time they win in the NFL. A very good D, a good running game and suspect passing game. They grind it out and win games. Their D is top tier.

Now Florida. One, how many team r gonna hang 40 on Florida? Not very many. They have a fast strong D that is pretty damn good. Remember Muschamp had a top tier D in Texas when he was there. Now the head coach and has some pretty solid players on offense in Florida. He knows what he is doing. He was under Mack( a very well respected head coach in the country) and learned a lot.

I wasn't exactly calling you out, just the fact that I hear people say every year that the SEC is overrated, it's a down year. Well, let's let them prove in an entire season that it's a down year. Hasn't happened in a while

Dledien21 PM Dledien21
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Posted: 10/1/2012 6:10:15 PM
Also Lucan, my point about also mentioning USC, Ohio St(sanctions, so they actually can't) and WV was that they are in position to be able to make it to the National Championship and how they would relate to the other conferences and their teams with chances to get their. Not saying they will, but they have the set up to get there
Dledien21 PM Dledien21
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Posted: 10/1/2012 6:31:55 PM
Georgia game vs Tenn should have been a blowout.

Pick 6 has nothing to do with their D. 2 short fields where Tenn scored a TD on an 8 yd drive and an 18 yd drive. Tough situations. They regrouped at halftime and only allowed 14 points in the 2nd half.

So 44 in one game(should have been no more then 30 with the shortfield and pick 6) and 110 in 5 games. So 56 points in the 4 other games. 14ppg allowed in the other 4.. That's pretty damn solid. Their D will be fine
Dledien21 PM Dledien21
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Posted: 10/1/2012 6:33:19 PM
sorry.. 66

16.5 per game in other 4.. Still pretty damn solid
tinoker55 PM tinoker55
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Posted: 10/1/2012 6:47:41 PM
Sorry meant NC State...
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