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Author: [Gaming Industry - Non US] Topic: Ladbrokers com banned me as non-profitable player
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Posted: 6/7/2013 3:43:56 PM
Hi I am from Ireland and my ladbrokers account has just been blocked because of beeing marked as non- profitable customer as stated in terms and conditions. I have been doing some sportsbetting and some poker there. Lucky for me, that I didn´t have any money there. However I have never seen anything like that before ! I will stay with Pinnacle and Pokerstars forever. I feel a huge disappointement. 

´´As you will be aware until now your account has been heavily restricted 
and the bets that you have wished to place haven't been accepted.

We have taken the decision to close the account rather than continue to 
offer a heavily restricted service. 

On occasions our trading department will decide to restrict customers as
their business is not profitable to us and on occasion may decide not to
trade customers at all, as stated in our terms and conditions.

These decisions are not made lightly and are based on many factors 
within the betting industry and are looked at in detail before a 
decision is made to restrict or close customer accounts, the main factor
being the profitability of your account.

We are aware that you may be unhappy with this decision and apologise 
for any inconvenience.´´
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Posted: 6/7/2013 4:22:04 PM

If you live in Ireland, Why don't you use the Paddy Power betting parlors.


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Posted: 8/13/2013 9:35:07 AM

A very similar thing happened to me after only placing 3 bets. They would not tell me how they determined that my account would be restricted.

They are now telling me I can't change my withdrawal method until I have $0 remaining on my balance. So basically, once I have no money I am welcome to withdraw by any method I like.

I knew it was a risk, but they had the best lines on certain sports I sports I bet, and I trusted the A rating at SBR. Still, it was a mistake.

I am planning on logging a complaint with SBR. Is there anywhere else I should log this complaint? I have copy of everything the CSRs told me regarding this issue.

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