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Author: [Music] Topic: Any John Forte fans?
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Posted: 5/19/2010 12:51:28 PM
I personally have been a big fan ever since his work writing and producing for The Fugees.  He had his prison sentence commuted by George Bush at the end of his term and is now back to making music.  While he is no longer just a rapper, like on Poly Sci although his second LP started his transformation into a complete artist, he is making great music.  Here are links to some of his newer songs that he performed live last year at The Roots present The Jam from his "StyleFREE EP" he released last year as well.

Anyway he has a new LP titled "Water, Light, Sound" coming soon.  If you like The Fugees and have never heard John Forte I recommend checking him out.
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Posted: 6/1/2010 9:19:00 PM
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