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Posted: 9/6/2012 11:01:06 PM
YTD 11-2 (9-0 run!)

All the games this week are home n' home games as you know, and most bettors like to use the "zig-zag" system in this circumstance.  Basically it means that teams that lost last week, have a better chance winning this week as it's hard to take 2 games in a row from the same team.  Also, overs will tend to go under and visa versa.

Cal/Edm - this game is unusual in that they just played Mon and play again on Fri, only 3 days rest.  As Calgary won the last game, Edmonton has a good chance to bounce back here.  I wouldn't be surprized if Edmonton wins by 1 pt here as well, which is why I lean more to the Calgary +2.5 spread.  Also the short rest between games I think benefits in the offenses so I would lean the over.

Leans: Cal +2.5 and Over.  Cal might make a nice teaser play here.

Ham/Tor - I actually like Hamilton to take this one straight up.  Toronto has been playing much better on the road and poor at home.  Can't really blame them, rogers centre is a crap atmosphere to play.

Leans: Ham ML + Over

Mtl/BC - These 2 teams are clearly the cream of the crop in the league this year.  Somewhat quietly, Montreal has been playing well winning 4 in a row and beating BC last week.  I like BC to get the win in this rematch; however, +5.5 is a lot of points to cover and the ML is too juicy on BC.  I think the under would be a good play in this game as BC's D will tighten at home.

Leans: Mtl +5.5 and Under

Sask/Wpg - Banjo bowl time!  I'm actually quite surprized at the line here.  As another poster asked what I thought the line would be after the blowout last week I guessed Winnipeg at PK or even -1.  This game opened with Sask -3.5 which is quite telling since Sask is hardly world beaters (losing 5 games in a row before the blowout) and clearly Winnipeg can not possibly play worst than last week.  For a team to get a new coach and get blown out 52-0 tells me that either a) this team was totally unprepared or b) were really spiteful about the firing and are not happy with the change.  I think it could be a combo of both, but that does not bode well for the rest of the season.  Obviously, the players still have pride and will play better than last game but I think another loss is coming up here.

Leans Sask -3.5 and Under.

Those are my thoughts and leans for the games.  NO offical plays yet, as I will wait for quarter and half lines to come out to see if there are any advantageous lines to be played.

Feel free to add your thoughts!

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Posted: 9/8/2012 4:06:38 AM
nice writeups -- zig zag will come into effect somewhere within these last 3 games

It's hard not to play Montreal ML tomorrow...I mean they have a legitimate shot at winning 2 in a row don't they? I'm going to the game and will likely play the under. I want to play the -5.5 but its hard laying points against Calvillo...

I'll probably play BC -5.5
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Posted: 9/8/2012 12:54:02 PM
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