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Author: [Mixed Martial Arts] Topic: Dogs are gonna bite tonight!
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Posted: 1/28/2012 7:20:57 PM
Maia price is huge! weidman looks like his strength is maia strength... the floor ! sonnen didnt last a round with them tactics so take that away from weid and what has he left?..maia stand up has improved as well so fancy him there at 2.3 !..going with davis against evans purely on value..nearly 2/1! and sonnen bisping..bisping one of the best take down defences in the game against sonnen awesome grappling..if bisping can stop the take down he wins as he will always out work him and if it goes to points bisping wins imo..the big if is can bisping twarts the take down if he can he wins...5/1 bisping? gotta give that a shout!..DOGS TO BITE!?

Not going with bisping purely cos im from the uk but im going with value here, if i was gonna get sonnnen at 1.8 id be all over him but not at 1.23 like on betfair!..utter madness imo

Good luck guys!
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