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Author: [Covers Help] Topic: once again, misleading status
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Posted: 4/25/2012 7:21:10 PM
Kyrie Irving G Doub Wed - Illness - 4/25/12 notes 0-0 0-0

He is playing.

a few days ago it was raymond felton out and he played. You claimed last minute he went into the office and said he wanted to play.

sometimes I wonder, do you guys really know?
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Posted: 4/26/2012 9:31:19 AM
Doubful does not mean Out.  We'd love to have staff members in each team's locker room to piece together all of these injury situations.  Obviously, that is not realistic.  We rely on the team's beat writers to provide us with the most recent updates to player's statuses (mostly via blogs and Twitter).

The report we got on Irving was, "Doesn't look good for Irving to play tonight."

What do you want us to do?  We may be good, but we're not psychic...I wish we were.

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