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Author: [King of Covers] Topic: TOP 10 HANDICAPPERS on Covers
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Posted: 1/6/2013 1:08:33 PM

I used to do this a few years ago because I like to work with numbers and a lot of people used to comment on it. Several members have asked me to start it up again so I will.

These results are from a system that I devised to come up with a good consensus of picking skill. It is not perfect of course and is only done for fun and not meant to insult anyone.

1.  yisman

2.  paydaymoney

3.  49erlittle

4.  yullog

5.  TMarsh21

6.  webba

7.  GetToTheChopper

8.  thepanz

9.  pawelklim

10. kandrzej


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