Isn't the Box "unmoderated" according to Rizzo's sticky post....How could a boxed convict get banned

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Author: [Website Promotions] Topic: Isn't the Box "unmoderated" according to Rizzo's sticky post....How could a boxed convict get banned
FarQue PM FarQue
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Posted: 1/23/2010 3:16:50 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by dennishopson:

FarQue, Wall did not have anything to do with this. I know for a fact.

Don't talk out your behind.

Re-read my post.
AlexPKeaton PM AlexPKeaton
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Posted: 1/23/2010 11:48:32 AM

Originally Posted by FarQue:

APK was only stirring the pot and trying to make Wall look like the bad guy Like APK cares that Tagsrock got banned

APK doesn't need to make Wall look bad, his actions speak for themselves...
Ask anyone about a wagerline contest some guys were having...where Wall told the covers guys to take the money talk to wagerline.....when they did, they got fucked over there.
Did Wall stick up for them and say "It's my fault, I gave them bad advice, and told them to go over there"?
NOPE Wall was

Now what about boxing a person for using the word "L0CK" in a thread title....Only happened to one person I know
Now what about boxing a person for saying the Cardinals Defense played like a pee wee team, only happened to one person I know....

THIS was not a Wally ban, and APK hasn't suggested it was his work, but PLEASE don't think that Wall is objective and fair, unless you are trying to go the VaughnK ( kid325i ) route of sucking up to Wall


jmitseff PM jmitseff
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Posted: 8/7/2011 1:05:40 AM
woopdurritis PM woopdurritis
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Posted: 2/28/2012 9:23:39 PM
Slovak PM Slovak
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Posted: 2/28/2012 9:30:11 PM
what the darn even happened here? one guy is talking in the 3rd person and Tagsrock isn't even banned. what purpose did bumping this thread have?
pulledclear PM pulledclear
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Posted: 2/28/2012 9:32:10 PM
To many chiefs not enough Indians. Lets keep celebrating mediocrity. Our mods as usual having delusions of  adequacy! Stay classy covers.
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