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Posted: 3/23/2012 2:03:25 PM

Landed late Wed.night and straight to Harrah's. Quick checkin and ended up above the Carnaval Court. I thought no problem and I thought wrong. Fell asleep quickly but woke up at 3 and could not get back to sleep. I was heading out the door early (5:30) to try and get a seat in SB and went to checkin and asked for a new room. They accommodated and said leave your stuff in the current room and we will hold the new room until 8PM. Out the front door and wandered by Bellagio. 5:45AM, not a seat to be had. I was heading to MB as per VegasGourment's suggestion anyway. Walked down for a little exercise and got there about 6:15. People had put small pieces of paper on seats saying "reserved" and there were no seats available. However, as I was looking around I saw 2 guys take these papers and throw them in the garbage. They suggested I do the same and just tell anyone that "there was nothing there when I showed up". So secured a seat, stayed until 7PM and no one came by looking for their "reserved" seat. It did appear that at least 1/2 the seats were legitimately reserved by MB. Line ups to bet were busiest for the 2nd set of games and overall it was a good day but not crazy exciting (Sorry VG). Perhaps it had something to do with the quality of the games that day (no upsets etc.). Back to Harrah's before 8 and moved rooms (across the hall) with no issue. Grabbed a quick bite @ Toby Keith's to watch the last game and then dropped some coin at the craps table.

Next AM, up and onto the monorail to LVH (thanks Heinz2141 for the idea). First time I have ever been to LVH. Talked to someone who said they got the last seat in the SB @ 4:45AM. Waited in line for the theatre to open (@ 8) and in I went. Line ups to bet were crazy long, back out onto the casino floor from the SB and the satellite stations outside the theatre were 40+ pple usually. Cheap food and beer, comfortable seats and a good atmosphere. A little creepy sitting in a dark theatre with 1,500 guys (thought I saw PeeWee Herman in the back) but was a good day and I would definitely go back again. Headed out early to catch dinner at Mesa Grill. Good food, service and table where I could watch the late games on the screens in Caesars SB. Over to Paris to drop some more $ on craps.

Saturday, up a little later and wandered over to Treasure Island where they had a ballroom set up for the games. Surrounded by Big Ten fans (Wisky, Hoosiers, Buckeyes). Comfortable set up and with passionate fans it was a good time. Easy to make bets and large screens to follow the action. Headed out for dinner @ Mon Ami Gabi. Service was good, table - good location but food was OK at best. Saturday prime rib special was lukewarm and tough. My wife's French Onion soup was sent back because it was barely warm which is unusally for French Onion. I have eaten here almost every trip (twice/yr) and while breakfast remains great it seems that my dinners have been going downhill. May not be back next month when I'm staying @ Paris. Stopped at Bally's to play craps (down again) but hit a hot table at Bill's and won $ for a change. Fought the crazy St. Pat's crowds back to Harrahs and crashed for the night. Tables limits were pretty high on Saturday night. Even O'Sheas was $25 minimum on the craps tables.

Sunday, Up a little later but still made it to Caesars (Thanks for tip BigChris51) for the first tip and got a seat easily in the back. Sippin' Sierra Nevadas all afternoon and into the night. Crowd was transient as a lot of pple were leaving town and I headed out to dinner just as the RockChalk crowd was getting into it. Headed over to Planet Hollywood and ate at the PBR and watched the late games. Stopped at Bill's on the way back but the luck had changed and Flamingo was no better. Licked my wounds and headed to bed.

Monday. Up early for one last run at the craps tables. A parlayed hard 10 managed to break me even for that session. Easy check out and off to the airport for a noon flight.

All in all a great trip. Spent 36+ hours in SB/theatre/ballroom watching the games and my wife was there for almost every minute of that. Reconfirming my decision to marry her, what a trooper. Of course she went 13-4 on her bets so that may have help her sit it out and endure a sore *ss.

I don't know if I'll be able to swing another MM trip but I sure do hope so (with the boys next time - fingers crossed) because the atmosphere is great.


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Posted: 3/23/2012 2:22:29 PM
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Posted: 3/24/2012 5:06:50 PM
 - Good read and glad to hear you had fun.  
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