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Author: [General Discussion] Topic: JR Seau found shot to death.
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Posted: 5/4/2012 10:19:32 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Eddy_Winslow:

People like you make me and pretty much everyone else sick. You are lost and stuck in the 1960's. Mental health issue's are serious and you know NOTHING of Seau's situation. You are a clown.

you don't seem to get it either person lips. 

how do you know that sowhat83 doesn't suffer from severe depression himself but makes a point to keep on striving? 

how do you know he hasn't wanted to kill himself and felt like he wanted to end his own life?? 

The answer is you don't.  

There is a difference between being depressed and miserable with horrible emotions and THOUGHTS of killing yourself and actually taking your own life. 

it makes no difference including mental health issues OR drug addiction. 

today there are plenty of people like seau that frequently and continually feel like killing themselves. they always have since they were in their teens. 

Many people every day feel like living may not be the best option but preserver anyway.

Killing yourself is unacceptable.
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Posted: 5/5/2012 10:05:48 PM

Originally Posted by sowhat83:

bottom-line is that if you commit suicide FOR ANY REASON, you are a selfish, cowardly, loser...which makes Jr. Seau a selfish, cowardly, LOSER...his mother will never recover from this, nor will his children who need him much more than they can ever say.....disgusting make believe tough-guy.....................Seau=wimp


For the second straight year, 2011 military suicides outnumbered combat fatalaties. I have no idea what is going on, but there is no way that I'm ready to call these casualties "pussies".

Even though I've never contimplated suicide, I feel that I'm a bigger box for not serving my country than any veteran who loyally served and then for reasons unknown decided to end his/her own life.

 Who the darn are you or I to pass judgement on these people without knowing any details?

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