Chicago at New Orleans (09/18/2011)

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CanadaCup PM CanadaCup
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Posted: 9/18/2011 12:10:41 PM

Originally Posted by HanoiBoi:

The Bears beat the Saints in their last 4 match-ups.

Brees 0-4 against Da Bears    

Chicago Bears +7  

bkg1010 PM bkg1010
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Posted: 9/18/2011 12:30:44 PM
Money rolling in on the Bears, line down to +4.5 !  If it gets to a field goal I'll put some $ on the Saints ....... Already have the Bears +7  
jorge112270 PM jorge112270
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Posted: 9/18/2011 12:45:11 PM
jjjams PM jjjams
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Posted: 9/18/2011 1:00:59 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Big-vegas:

Urlacher will not play this weekend. His mother passed away and he will be with his family. My prayers go out to him and his family.

I like the over in this game. Bears offense put up 30 last week and look comfortable in the second year of Mike Martz offense.New Orleans is New Orleans and put up 36 last week.

Urlacher not playing will have a big impast. this defense is built around him. He had an interception and a fumle revovery returned for a TD.

Over 47.5

Hey assh wipe. Why post stuff you have no idea about. Urlacher not playing What a bumb assh you are. Trying to build up the line for your side. Hopefully people have anough sence to see BS
buckeye61 PM buckeye61
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Posted: 9/18/2011 1:22:04 PM
Teased Bears, Browns, Steelers, Packers and Detroit. Nice return and a possible push will still pay off.
rb22098 PM rb22098
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Posted: 9/18/2011 4:05:43 PM
the bears o line is terrible,but j cutler is heartless,his body language sucks
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