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Author: [Technology] Topic: Galaxy S3
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Posted: 6/16/2012 6:11:20 PM
Really in love w/ the Galaxy Note after checking it out @ Best Buy today. However im w/ Verizon so it's not available. I see in July the Galaxy S 3 will be available for Verizon. 4.8 HD w/ 8 megapixel.. I only use my phone for calls/text and steaming vids/games. 4.8 HD should be plenty of screen to watch games, eh? Right now i have a flip-phone so anything will be an upgrade, but i wanna go all out.
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Posted: 6/25/2012 2:27:35 PM
I have the S2  , usually Samsung Galaxy phones are good. So i would think the S3 is pretty awesome.

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Posted: 6/25/2012 10:05:10 PM
You better get your pre-order in before the 28th if you want to keep your unlimited data. Verizon has agree to let you keep your unlimited data plan even though these won't ship until around July 11th
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