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Author: [Investments] Topic: Apple could go thru the roof
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Posted: 4/2/2011 5:17:16 AM
the only downside here is the health of jobs but u know they have a system in place if he does does check out.

80% of computers in the world are still microsoft based so there's still a massive market share they can conquer. The IPAD was phenomenally successful, the apple brand has a ubiquity that other companies couldnt buy, I always look for red flags but i'm struggling to find any  here.
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Posted: 4/2/2011 12:17:01 PM
Most of business will always be Windows or Linux.  Apple does dominate the consumer market, but they have likely maxed out their market share there, or close to it. 
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Posted: 4/2/2011 12:46:59 PM
I have to agree with Thorpe, here .   

Remember that Apple was a floundering stock before Jobs came back decades ago..  Not saying APPL goes back there, but his leadership and "vision" carry a lot more weight than I think people give him credit for.   When he leaves for good, it will be a "more" risky stock.
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Posted: 4/3/2011 12:05:17 PM
this should be required reading for anyone with apple shares.

Im a believer that this is probably the greatest company ever but it's growth is limited. Add to that that it's manipulated to garbage

I sold my apple shares on Wednesday and bought shares in a mobile ad company that's given me double digit % growth in a few days

point is, apple is safe -- but you're not going to make much on it from here on out
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Posted: 4/6/2011 1:08:08 AM
Apple has executed it's marketing perfectly.  Not sure how much better they can do.  Seems more likely competitors will start to catch up.  Products already have, just not the marketing.  AAPL is a $312 billion company. How much moire do you want?  Shoulda bought 18 months ago under $100.  Now $340, you're looking for another triple and a $1 trillion co.?  Come on.
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