San Francisco at Seattle (12/24/2011)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: San Francisco at Seattle (12/24/2011)
HumphreyBogart PM HumphreyBogart
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Posted: 12/24/2011 2:52:10 AM
Niners already have the division wrapped up, no reason to go all out in this one. 12th man prevails, and I'm going with the Seahawks.
ddubb45 PM ddubb45
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Posted: 12/24/2011 4:29:46 AM
tough one to call... Lening on What's gonna be best long term for the N.F.L. and that a home game in the playoffs for the Saints. 9'ers loose this on and home field advantage after the 2nd round of playoff's start. Did the lights just go out here n Candlestuck???
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Posted: 12/24/2011 5:27:15 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by echelon1:

SF has alot to play for here.  1st round bye in the balance.  Saints could jump them with a loss.  Saints play after this game so 49ers have to assume they still need the win by kickoff.  Saints are hot, get rival Atl at home in meaningful division game, and then have a very beatable Carolina team at home.  

So no way Harbaugh can rest on hoping Saints take a dive one game.  49ers have the tie-breaker if they both win out.  Getting a bye and then home game is huge in playoffs.  Having a great year like SF only to fall at the end and play in wildcard round is a mini failure.  They certainly don't want to have travel to NO in the 2nd round, and then go to GB.  That would change their chances dramatically.  

Yes, Seattle has playoff motivation, but it's miniscule.  The better team is SF and both are playing this game with meaning.  Gotta take 49ers here to punctuate the season and keep the #2 seed intact.  Not to mention, GB takes a dive with all their injuries and the #1 seed is not out of question, Packers have Detroit last game and Lions may need that game.  

Point is, all these teams have alot to play the winner of who you think is better and should win, not who you believe is playing it safe, as they aren't.  And Harbaugh would never rest until there is no more chance to gain something.

On a side note, if 49ers win here, the Packers will win the game head-up (not sure ATS) against Bears.  If 49ers lose, different ballgame, as one seed is locked up and they can rest everyone.        

really respect the way you analyze these game man . always on the $$$
cheetahking PM cheetahking
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Posted: 12/24/2011 5:32:06 AM
why is the line down to a mere point?  when we just saw the niners dominate the  i smell big can't be giving out candy at x-mas! it just looks to easy to take the gold rushers but is all the glitter fools goal? just a hunch...give me the beach 2 all!  
chickencutlets PM chickencutlets
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Posted: 12/24/2011 6:50:06 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by HumphreyBogart:

Niners already have the division wrapped up, no reason to go all out in this one. 12th man prevails, and I'm going with the Seahawks.

UMMM, home feild advantage in the NFL playoffs is nothing to play for?   See its comments like this that turn you off to this board !!!

So what did the Colts have to play for the last Two weeks if the 49ers don't have anything to play for?

Don't look into this game too much, the 49ers Defense will not be giving up a lot of points to the Seattle team!
NoBetNoWin PM NoBetNoWin
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Posted: 12/24/2011 8:47:20 AM
SF has lost 2 in a row on the road.  SEA has won the last 5 out of 6 and are a very different team than earlier in the season.

SEA is always a tough place to play.

SEA +1
handpicked PM handpicked
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Posted: 12/24/2011 9:14:20 AM
Niners have played a really good season this year & will not go into this one any different as they beat the hawks fools earlier in the year nastily>hehe & will be wanting to do it again 2,look-out cause the 9ers will come out strong & hard to get this swep& win the bye also 4 them
Lar1212 PM Lar1212
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Posted: 12/24/2011 10:12:15 AM
49ers all the way here.
babygus17 PM babygus17
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Posted: 12/24/2011 11:41:41 AM
kerussein PM kerussein
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Posted: 12/24/2011 12:14:53 PM
Seaturds are tough at home but SF has made me money all year...I hate the line but I'm going with SF
animal72 PM animal72
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Posted: 12/24/2011 12:18:22 PM
Seahawks all way. Large 
wmi799 PM wmi799
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Posted: 12/24/2011 1:12:04 PM

I love the "Oh golly gee everybody the line is only one, so that must mean the Seahawks will win 'cause no one thinks the Niners care and they just came off a -3 with the Steelers" menality. WOW!

You folks don't know Jim Harbaugh and his disdain for Pete Carroll.

I will take the Niners. Go ahead and bet the Seahawks. They may cover and may win. But for me I will take the better team and the coach who does not like to lose and for sure does not like to lose to Pete Carroll

And those who are into the "trap" conspiracies and going for the Seahawks because you think Vegas wants you to jump on the Niners with the small line, you think they don't know you would react this way and jump on the Seahawks!!!! LOL!

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