Super Bowl 2006...Who?

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Author: [Props & Futures] Topic: Super Bowl 2006...Who?
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Posted: 2/7/2005 11:06:06 AM
gfinger PM gfinger
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Posted: 2/7/2005 11:24:06 AM
NE will continue their dynasty.
sharper45 PM sharper45
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Posted: 2/7/2005 11:31:44 AM
AFC: Indy if they can get homefield advantage thru the playoffs. January weather is a huge advantage for NE  
NFC: Philly has it what it takes to do it again, and there is little competition. McNabb made poor throwing decisions again yesterday. Looks like they will need 3 more kicks at the can to get it done.  
boo21 PM boo21
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Posted: 2/7/2005 4:28:05 PM
Detroit at home
gman1962 PM gman1962
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Posted: 2/7/2005 4:41:46 PM
No mention of San Diego...huh......I like them next year, especially at +3000.  
I'm going to keep an eye on them to see if they add any help on D.
C-Gold PM C-Gold
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Posted: 2/7/2005 4:53:15 PM
Marty shittenheimer has the same chance of Mcnabb winning a superbowl... 0
Deuls PM Deuls
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Posted: 2/7/2005 7:38:34 PM
you saw it here first  
NJDevils PM NJDevils
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Posted: 2/7/2005 7:58:35 PM
i wouldnt pick SD or PIT because of their coaches , you can probably add the Jets ,Packers,Vikings to that list also
bfreetorun PM bfreetorun
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Posted: 2/7/2005 8:06:36 PM
Panthers vs Colts, Steelers or Patriots.
C-Gold PM C-Gold
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Posted: 2/8/2005 1:55:53 AM
Anybody else think Steve Mcnair has a chance to bring the Titans back from the dead?
Zylonist PM Zylonist
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Posted: 2/8/2005 2:09:09 AM
C-Gold PM C-Gold
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Posted: 2/9/2005 2:46:07 AM
So next NFL season will be like this one? I highly doubt it. Each year the magazines pick that to happen and it never does. It is way more likely for a cincinatti or some other team to come out of nowhere.
Consooger41 PM Consooger41
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Posted: 2/9/2005 3:31:35 AM
stop conting carolina out....they will be having they're injured return  
and of course...just because I like them, dont count out the Pack....Minn sucks and shouldn't even be in contest.............they should be right nest to San Fran, Arizona, and The Giants
vscaccio PM vscaccio
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Posted: 2/12/2005 2:50:21 PM
IN the AFC, i like Baltimore and Buffalo as two darkhorses to get by the Pats. IF Ravens can get Moss or at least upgrade at WR (Muhammed, Porter, or Buress) they should be a force. Buff needs OL help and u gotta see how there QB situation unfolds but those are my 2 sleepers if the Pats slip up. I am convinced Payton will never make a superbowl and Steelers caught every single break possible this year and still couldnt make it so i dont like their chances.  
IN the NFC, its wide-open, and who really cares? Not like any team there has a legitimate shot of winning the superbowl next year, but if i have to choose ill got with Atlanta, if Vick can improve on his pocket passing and they can keep improving on defense.  
tuxman PM tuxman
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Posted: 2/12/2005 3:34:32 PM
JDPhilly PM JDPhilly
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Posted: 2/12/2005 5:20:00 PM
Inital Thought: Philly @ Pitt  
Pittsburgh and Philly have the same problem. Thier coaches choke. Cowher doesn't know when to grab his balls and take a risk. And ever since Ried has been in the league his team cannot control the clock well.  
With a RB to help Westbrook handle the load, and maybe a bigger center who can handle guys like Wilfork and with the rest of the line healthy, it should be good and deep. The defense always seems to do it's job. Another reciever wouldn't hurt either. TE could be a question if Chad Lewis doesn't get re-signed.  
Pittsburgh, for them it all comes down to, how can they handle the loss. Will they come back aggressive, or with thier heads down. They could use help in the secondary, and definitely Bettis coming back would be nice. Where Burress goes makes a big difference, but his is replacable.  
This is how I see it.  
Bye: Indy, Pitts  
Wild Card: N.E @ K.C  
Wild Card: Denver @ Jets  
Divisional: K.C @ Pitt  
Divisional: Jets @ Indy  
Con. Championship: K.C @ Indy  
Bye: Philly, Carolina  
Wildcard: Atl @ GB  
Wildcard: Det @ Ariz  
Divisional: Det @ Philly  
Divisional: GB @ Carolina  
Con. Championship: Carolina @ Philly  
Superbowl XL: Philly @ Indy  
I know there are the thoughts of where are Baltimore, Buffalo and Jax? Well they will all be there, they will just be hoping the week 17, and won't squeeze in. Baltimore has the defense, they just cannot with the QB they have. If they come up with someone in the off-season then it's a different story. Buffalo and Jax will have good runs, but not enough. They're in a tough Confrence.  
In the NFC. I don't see STL doing enough on D to get back in the hunt. theyre getting old. Seattle has to big puzzle pieces on the market, and they can't stay healthy. This will be a bad season and Holmgren's last. thats how Ariz gets in. And GB will do enough to hold off Det for the North, but Det with the offense together for a year, and two great young WR's who if can stay healthy can be great. They need help on defense, but with the big game in thier house this year, I see a run. K.C needs a few pieces on defense. That's it. With Vermiel' time almost up, I see a big run.  
S.D.: had thier run. This could get ugly if Brees goes elsewhere.  
Minny: They will start to move backwards. If they lose Moss, They lose Culpepper. He has been good because he has Moss, without him...he will be a little less than McNabb without T.O. Which isn't bad, just not enough. And that D is bad.  
This time it comes down to the teams that should have, would have, could have but never did because of a historical run by N.E.  
soysaucesimon PM soysaucesimon
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Posted: 2/12/2005 6:06:50 PM
I GOT IT!!!!!!!!  
THE HOUSTON TEXANS!!! you heard it first  
C-Gold PM C-Gold
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Posted: 2/12/2005 7:55:47 PM
You don't even know which players will be on which teams.
JDPhilly PM JDPhilly
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Posted: 2/12/2005 9:59:14 PM
No I don't Know. And I am sure my picks have a good chance of changing. I just think these are teams to look for next year around playoff time. We'll do this again in Week 1. but as you can see I am not disappointed by these picks. I just hope that no one team makes a huge jump in the NFC. Carolina is turning into a Denver like team....Always around in Dec., They have 3 potential 1,000 yd backs....and consistent recievers....Them healthy, they scare me.
redsxfn3321 PM redsxfn3321
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Posted: 9/17/2012 4:51:25 PM
my guess is the steelers seahawks  
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