Sarah J Philli on Larry King Live

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Chimpo PM Chimpo
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Posted: 5/10/2012 5:06:57 AM

Source: Sarah Phillips Steered Business To A Bookie Who Was Probably Nilesh Prasad

Sarah and that Indian dude....  code name Orange
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Posted: 5/10/2012 9:25:00 AM

"..... Phillips exploited her notoriety on a gambling website....."

Notoriety? Cmon......seriously, nobody except a newbie would take her/his drivel for real. I read a couple of articles & laughed my behind off.

Michfan15 PM Michfan15
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Posted: 5/11/2012 1:30:14 AM
haha nice professional1 shoutout
michaelpaul1 PM michaelpaul1
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Posted: 5/11/2012 1:46:14 AM
her espn articles from page 2 were pure garbage...I cant believe they paid her and that fn indian guy for that trash,,,
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