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Author: [Investments] Topic: Fertilizer stocks
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Posted: 7/28/2011 10:05:43 PM

Here's the companion piece to my post above:


Traders who believe that potash, nitrogen, and phosphate prices will continue to rise might want to consider the following trades:

  • Go long Potash or any of its competitors in this group. That includes CF Industries (NYSE: CF), Mosaic (NYSE: MOS[FREE Stock Trend Analysis]), Agrium (NYSE: AGU), and Terra Nitrogen (NYSE: TNH)
  • Another way to play the ongoing food crisis is to play genetically modified crops and seed protection. The best way to play that is through Monsanto (NYSE: MON[FREE Stock Trend Analysis]).

Traders who believe that in the coming years global population will fall, hurting potash prices may consider alternate positions:

  • There is a lot of hope and optimism baked into the future earnings of these companies. If there is a development that will allow farmers to increase yield without these nutrients, then these names become viable short candidates.


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Posted: 8/9/2011 4:09:53 PM

Jeff/Anyone else - Any update on MFMLF or ENZR?  Haven't seen much news out?

It's dip quite a bit. 

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