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Went into MNF needing 5 points from my Denver D.

My team had 87, opponent 91 .  Other guy was done.

Easy, you would think!

Sweating it out all night........Broncos finally got a INT 

and a sack in the second half.

Got 3 points making it 


For points allowed (7 starting 4th quarter) 2 

Winning 92-91.

I've got this!..............NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Broncos try to lose the game and allow SD late TDS.

When Chargers get 2nd TD my points allowed goes for 2 to 0.

Losing 91-90.

Broncos give the ball back to the Chargers.... they drive down 

the field to set up game tying field goal.

All the while i'm hoping for another sack or INT that does not come.

With time running out, the Chargers try a field goal to tie game.

They kick it through and it's tied...but wait Denver coach called 


On the second try the Denver Line gets a hand on the ball and 

the kick is no good! Broncos win!

In my league a block is 2 points.

My fantasy team wins 92-91

on the very last play of the very last game of week 1

What a rollercoaster ride!!


You had waaay more fun with that game then I did. (Teaser parlay with the double-header with no doubts)(Denver +10/Under 60)


I just check the score when it's over.  I've had enough roller coaster rides....

But a lot of gambler's like that stuff.  Sounds like you had a good time with it.  
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