Golden Nugget's 2014 College Football 'Games of the Year' spreads

Jun 12, 2014 |
Golden Nugget's 2014 College Football 'Games of the Year' spreads
The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has become a popular offseason spot for college football bettors looking to wager on the biggest games of the year.
The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has become a popular offseason spot for college football bettors looking to wager on the biggest games of the year.
Las Vegas bettors are hoping Friday the 13th won't cast bad luck on their early college football bets, with the Golden Nugget releasing their annual NCAAF "Games of the Year" odds Friday afternoon.

The legendary sportsbook located in downtown Las Vegas has set odds on the biggest and best games on the 2014 college football schedule, offering bettors a chance to wager on these marquee matchups as far ahead as December. Among the notable games available for betting is the Iron Bowl (Auburn at Alabama -6), Michigan at Ohio State (-8), and Oregon at UCLA (+3).

Year after year, the most popular plays come from the SEC. And among those programs, Alabama continues to dominate when it comes to the early odds. The Crimson Tide have eight of their games on the board and are favorites for each one, with an average spread of more than 15 points.

Defending national champion Florida State also has eight contests on the "Games of the Year" board, including non-conference matchups with Oklahoma State (FSU -17) in Arlington, Notre Dame (FSU -24), and Florida (FSU -17). The Seminoles face an average spread of 19.7 points over those eight games.

Oregon is another notable contender featured prominently in the Golden Nugget's "Games of the Year". The Ducks have nine of their contests open for betting, including a huge non-conference battle with Michigan State (Oregon -13), and Pac-12 tilts with UCLA (-3) and Stanford (-10). Oregon faces an average spread of -17.9 in those nine featured games.

Here’s a look at the opening "Game of the Year" odds, which hit the boards at the Golden Nugget Friday.

August 28

Texas A&M vs. South Carolina (-9)
Boise State vs. Mississippi (at Atlanta) (-9)

August 29

UNLV vs. Arizona (-23.5)
BYU vs. Connecticut (+16.5)

August 30

Arkansas vs. Auburn (-24)
Colorado St. vs. Colorado (at Denver) (-4)
Clemson vs. Georgia (-9)
Cal vs. Northwestern (-9.5)
UCLA vs. Virginia (+21.5)
Ohio State vs. Navy (+14)
Penn State vs. Central Florida (at Dublin, Ireland) (+2.5)
West Virginia vs. Alabama (at Atlanta) (-27.5)
Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (at Arlington) (+17)
LSU vs. Wisconsin (at Houston) (+7)

September 1

Miami vs. Louisville (Pick)

September 5

Pitt vs. Boston College (+9)

September 6

USC vs. Stanford (-3.5)
San Diego State vs. North Carolina (-21)
BYU vs. Texas (-6)
Michigan State vs. Oregon (-13)
Michigan vs. Notre Dame (-3)
Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State (-18)
Colorado State vs. Boise State (-10)

September 13

Boise State vs. Connecticut (+10)
USC vs. Boston College (+23)
Tennessee vs. Oklahoma (-19)
UCLA vs. Texas (at Arlington) (+8)
Louisville vs. Virginia (+7.5)
Nebraska vs. Fresno State (+4)
Iowa State vs. Iowa (-9.5)
Georgia vs. South Carolina (-3)
Purdue vs. Notre Dame (at Indianapolis) (-21)

September 18

Auburn vs. Kansas State (+13)

September 20

Clemson vs. Florida State (-17)
Mississippi State vs. LSU (-12)
San Diego State vs. Oregon State (-13)
Virginia vs. BYU (-17)
Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech (-7)
Oregon vs. Washington State (+23)
Oklahoma vs. West Virginia (+17)
Florida vs. Alabama (-21)
Miami vs. Nebraska (-3)

September 25

UCLA vs. Arizona State (+7)
Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State (-7)

September 27

Oregon State vs. USC (-17)
Tennessee vs. Georgia (-17)
Minnesota vs. Michigan (-12)
Florida State vs. North Carolina State (+30)
Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (at East Rutherford) (+5.5)
Cincinnati vs. Ohio State (-21)
North Carolina vs. Clemson (-4)
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (at Arlington) (-11)
TCU vs. SMU (+10)
Missouri vs. South Carolina (-11)

October 2

Arizona vs. Oregon (-25)

October 3

Louisville vs. Syracuse (+1)
LSU vs. Auburn (-6.5)
Arizona State vs. USC (-11)
Miami vs. Georgia Tech (+4)
Vanderbilt vs. Georgia (-24)
Wisconsin vs. Northwestern (+7)
Alabama vs. Mississippi (+9)
Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina (-10)
North Carolina State vs. Clemson (-23)
Baylor vs. Texas (+3)                                     
Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State (-3)                                     
Texas Tech vs. Kansas State (-7)
Boise State vs. Nevada (+6)
Oklahoma vs. TCU (+14)
Florida vs. Tennessee (+4.5)
Stanford vs. Notre Dame (+6)
Nebraska vs. Michigan State (-8)

October 11

Alabama vs. Arkansas (+24)
USC vs. Arizona (+7.5)
Oregon vs. UCLA (+3)
LSU vs. Florida (+9)
Georgia vs. Missouri (+7)
Florida State vs. Syracuse (+21)
Texas vs. Oklahoma (at Dallas) (-9)
Louisville vs. Clemson (-10)
Mississippi vs. Texas A&M (-1)
Auburn vs. Mississippi State (+9.5)
Cincinnati vs. Miami (-11)
West Virginia vs. Texas Tech (-10)
North Carolina vs. Notre Dame (-2.5)
Penn State vs. Michigan (-7)

October 16

Virginia Tech vs. Pitt (-1)
Fresno State vs. Boise State (-4.5)

October 18

Georgia vs. Arkansas (+14.5)
Stanford vs. Arizona State (-6.5)
UCLA vs. Cal (+22)
Notre Dame vs. Florida State (-24)
Missouri vs. Florida (-3)
Nebraska vs. Northwestern (+2.5)
Clemson vs. Boston College (+18)
Tennessee vs. Mississippi (-12)
Kansas State vs. Oklahoma (-14)
Baylor vs. West Virginia (+16)
Texas A&M vs. Alabama (-16.5)
Washington vs. Oregon (-20)

October 23

Miami vs. Virginia Tech (-1)

October 24

Oregon vs. Cal (+34)
South Florida vs. Cincinnati (-19)

October 25

BYU at Boise State (+3)
South Carolina vs. Auburn (-7)
Oregon State vs. Stanford (-13)
Mississippi vs. LSU (-7.5)
Michigan vs. Michigan State (-7.5)
West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State (-19)
USC vs. Utah (+10)
North Carolina vs. Virginia (+14)
Arizona State vs. Washington (-6)
Texas vs. Kansas State (-3.5)
Alabama vs. Tennessee (+20)
Ohio State vs. Penn State (+9)

October 30

Florida State vs. Louisville (+17)

November 1

Arizona vs. UCLA (-14)
Florida vs. Georgia (at Jacksonville) (-9)
Oklahoma vs. Iowa State (+22.5)
Auburn vs. Mississippi (+7)
Boston College vs. Virginia Tech (-16)
Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State (-3.5)
North Carolina vs. Miami (-1)
Notre Dame vs. Navy (at Landover) (+3)
Stanford vs. Oregon (-10)
Tennessee vs. South Carolina (-18)
Texas vs. Texas Tech (-1)

November 6

Clemson vs. Wake Forest (+20)

November 8

Texas A&M vs. Auburn (-14)
Notre Dame vs. Arizona State (-4.5)
Michigan vs. Northwestern (+3)
Alabama vs. LSU (+2.5)
Louisville vs. Boston College (+15)
Ohio State vs. Michigan State (-1)
Iowa vs. Minnesota (Pick)
Baylor vs. Oklahoma (-11)
Florida vs. Vanderbilt (+9)
West Virginia vs. Texas (-13)
Oregon vs. Utah (+20)
UCLA vs. Washington (+3.5)
Kansas State vs. TCU (+4)

November 13

Cal vs. USC (-34)

November 15

LSU vs. Arkansas (+14)
Washington vs. Arizona (-5)
Utah vs. Stanford (-14)
South Carolina vs. Florida (+6)
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (+6)
Auburn vs. Georgia (-1)
San Diego State vs. Boise State (-7.5)
Pitt vs. North Carolina (-10)
Texas vs. Oklahoma State (-2)
Arizona State vs. Oregon State (+2)
Missouri vs. Texas A&M (-6)
Nebraska vs. Wisconsin (-7)
Florida State vs. Miami (+14.5)
Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech (-10)

November 20

Northwestern vs. Notre Dame (-8)
Kansas State vs. West Virginia (+7.5)
North Carolina vs. Duke (+3)

November 22

Mississippi vs. Arkansas (+5)
Stanford vs. Cal (+17)
USC vs. UCLA (-4.5)
Cincinnati vs. Connecticut (+10)
Oklahoma State vs. Baylor (-9)
Arizona vs. Utah (-2)
Miami vs. Virginia (+10)
Oregon State vs. Washington (-7.5)
Wisconsin vs. Iowa (+6)
Missouri vs. Tennessee (+4)
Louisville vs. Notre Dame (-8)

November 27

LSU vs. Texas A&M (+5)
TCU vs. Texas (-9.5)

November 28

Arizona State vs. Arizona (+1)
Stanford vs. UCLA (+1)
Central Florida vs. South Florida (+21)
Virginia vs. Virginia Tech (-14)
Nebraska vs. Iowa (-1)

November 29

BYU vs. Cal (+11)
Notre Dame vs. USC (-10)
Florida vs. Florida State (-17)
Georgia Tech vs. Georgia (-14)
West Virginia vs. Iowa State (Pick)
Illinois vs. Northwestern (-9.5)
Kentucky vs. Louisville (-15)
Arkansas vs. Missouri (-10)
North Carolina State vs. North Carolina (-20)
Michigan vs. Ohio State (-8)
Oregon vs. Oregon State (+13)
South Carolina vs. Clemson (+3)
Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt (at LP Field) (+3)
Washington vs. Washington State (+4.5)
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (-13)
Auburn vs. Alabama (-6)
Kansas vs. Kansas State (-25)
Pittsburgh vs. Miami (-7)
Nevada vs. UNLV (-5)
Baylor vs. Texas Tech (+6.5)

December 6

Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma (-11)
Kansas State vs. Baylor (-6)

December 13

Army vs. Navy (at Philadelphia) (-13)

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