NFL underdogs: Week 6 bounce back

Ashton Grewal - Covers Associate Editor

Sage Rosenfels most likely put a stake in the heart of the Texans’ postseason aspirations with two bonehead plays last Sunday, but in the Grewal household he saved the day.

Let me set the stage.

My in-laws were visiting for the weekend and I had invited over a few friends to watch the games with me on Sunday. I assumed Rod, my father in-law, wouldn’t be interested in joining us in the TV room since he wasn’t much of a football fan.

But he chose our company rather than listen to the ladies yammer on about Debbie Travis.

My friends were a little hesitant to be their usual offensive selves with Rod (who I should point out is an Anglican minister) sitting near by.

With the Texans all but assured of a victory, my loud and obnoxious friend Rob gushed about how he was a Houston win away from winning a $200-parlay ticket.

Then Mr. Rosenfels turned the amplifier up to 11.

Leading 27-17 late in the fourth quarter, the Houston quarterback tried to pull a John Elway Super Bowl move jumping in the air for a first down. But the ball popped out and the Colts scooped it up and returned it for a touchdown.

The score was now 27-24 with less than four minutes to play.

Rod was getting a bit more involved in the contest at this point. He was openly rooting against Houston siding with my other friend Geordan who has a non-sexual crush (maybe it’s sexual) on Peyton Manning.

Sage struck again when he dropped the ball on the next possession, handing the Colts great field possession and plenty of time to find the end zone before the final whistle.

Rob couldn’t contain himself anymore. He let out a long, profanity-filled rant that would have made Dennis Leary blush.

The game ended with the Colts squeaking out the win and Geordan and Rod exchanging violent high fives, while Rob continued to curse under his breath.

I’m sure if Rod had stayed to watch the next set of games he would have joined us crushing beer cans on our foreheads.
Last week I needed a Tampa Bay push just to avoid a 0-3 week. I’m looking to bounce back with this week’s picks.

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans (-3)

You can’t convince me the Texans come out fired up in this one looking to avenge last week’s debacle. That loss to Indy was a season-changer. Houston always plays well at Reliant Stadium but the team’s shaky quarterback situation invites a dog play.

Bill Parcells’ reputation for turning around losing clubs is only strengthening with each Miami win. It’s amazing how the Tuna shows up and immediately instills a winning atmosphere.

The Wildcat formation is working wonders. Imagine what the Fish offense will look like once Ted Ginn Jr. fits in.

Pick: Fish

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts (-4.5)

Okay, I’m beyond the point of believing Indy is just off to a slow start. I’m probably not the only one who thinks this team should be 0-4 rather than 2-2.

I’m not ecstatic about backing a raw, rookie quarterback on the road, but I think John Harbaugh’s decision to publically commit to Joe Flacco for the reminder of the season was a brilliant move. With one short statement, he increased the confidence of his young signal caller tenfold.

The Colts win, but not by more than a field goal.

Pick: Ravens

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks (-2)

This pick is almost entirely based on the status of each team’s No. 1 QB. It looks like Charlie Frye will be under center for the Seahawks because of Matt Hasselbeck’s bum knee.

Frye hasn’t started a game in the NFL since Week 1 last year and that was for Cleveland. Since being traded to Seattle he’s been relegated to third-string duties.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers played through the pain of a busted shoulder without the aid of a painkilling shot. Qwest Field is one of the harder places to win, but if San Fran can win there, I’m sure Green Bay can too.

Oh boy. Three underdog picks; all road teams.

Probably not the best strategy.

Pick: Packers

Last week: 0-2-1

Season record: 8-6-1

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Posted by Team_Boston
7 years ago

Totally with you Doobie. I am all over the Eagles and Cards. I also like Seattle. Good Luck

Posted by doobiebrother
7 years ago

5-2 (+8.4) Saturday, 7-6 (+4.6) this week. Ravens/Colts Under (38.5) - Baltimore “D” #1 vs. both the run and pass. Their rush attack (#4) will burn clock vs. Indy’s run “D” (#32), even without OT Terry. Under 6-1 in series at this site, and 6-0 Indy H vs. AFC North. Panthers (+ 115) - Been riding Carolina in division road games (14-1 SU) for some time, and not getting’ off ‘til they buck me. Cats have won 5 straight at TB and are 6-1-1 ATS L8, 8-2-1 A in Oct., and 8-1 D 2<. Vikings (-13.5) - Minnesota riding emotional wave of MNF win that put them back in playoff picture, and facing Lions team in disarray, and without QB Kitna. Detroit 1-11 ATS L12, 1-8 ATS A, 1-6 ATS off 4L, 2-7 ATS A vs. div, and 0-5 ATS vs. Vikings. Peterson might go nuts vs. #30 run “D”. Minny won here 42-10 LY. Eagles (-4.5) - Eagles in desperation mode, and good enough to handle Niners, even without Westbrook and Brown. Philly 7-1 ATS A and 7-0 ATS off div. L. SF 2-12 SU & 3-11 ATS in Oct., 0-7 SU & 1-6 ATS vs. NFC East. Cardinals (+4.5) & over (52.5) - Arizona 10-3 SU at H (5-0 L5) scoring 27> in L7. Cards play their best vs. best teams (18-6 ATS vs. .750>), and are 4-1 SU H vs. Cowboys, 8-2 ATS H in Oct., and 4-1 HD 6<. Dallas CB Newman out, and undrafted rookie Jenkins #2 on depth chart. Dallas has scored 20> in L21 vs. non-div. with 24> 19 times and 27> 17 times. 2 Ravens/Colts under 2 Vikings 2 Eagles 2 Cards 2 Boys/Cards Over 1 Panthers NFL 20-9 (+27.6)

Posted by KasperNV
7 years ago

I like the Ravens, Fish, and Jags this week. BOL

Posted by WilliamCinco
7 years ago

Hi Everyone....!!! Send me an em@il at , or visit my website check out my early record , with 14 o 15 picks each week .....I have to put togheter some things.....( Including Power Plays) .....TOTALLY FREE THIS SEASON ....... Last Week 5 Record : 10-2 ( 83%).... Good Luck for Everyone and for me...........

Posted by Thebigwinnere88
7 years ago

We do it again on Sat with another winning day going 3-1 on the day. I hope you are winning also because for just 14.99 you are missing out on some of the best handicapping of my life. Many of you are against paying for picks because you think its a scam or we are inconsistent but all I have done all season long is win....and if your still not a believer I'm going to do it for you one last time. I will give you one last set of package NFL plays, these are the plays that went 3-1 last week and 15-5 on the season, we have a huge slate of games going this weekend so hammer these plays hard and lets build this bankroll. Hit me up on my email and get my package plays free this weekend

Posted by aldogg702
7 years ago

texans (-3), ravens (+4.5), s'hawks (-1.5)....grewal thought you knewal

Posted by luckyme1
7 years ago


Posted by Ashton_Grewal
7 years ago

Luckyme1, Thanks for the well wishes. I need all the help I can get after last week's debacle. Good luck and may the winners be yours!

Posted by MPhelps_Rocks
7 years ago

So far this season, I'm on a 13-4-2 tear. Won this past weekend with the Cardinals, the Bengals, and the Vikings. I lost with the Lions (don't askl me why I took them).And I pushed twice with the Ravens and the Bucs. This weekend I'm liking the following teams : Baltimore (+4) vs. Colts - I've been rolling with the Ravens for the past 2 weeks because I believe that they're a very underated team. Two weeks ago, the Steelers stole one from them, and then last week, with 2 minutes left in the game, the Titans got scored and gave me a push. I have faith that they'll cover this week, especially with a hurt Manning QBn the Colts. Cardinals (+5) vs. Cowboys - Warner played like the QB he was in St. Louis last week. I expect him to keep up the same pace. Yeah it's Dallas, and we all know that they got their tails handed to them last week by the 'Skins, and that's why I think this game stays close. Dallas wins, but only by a point. Final score 24-23. Raiders (+7.5) vs. Saints - The Saints coming off a loss to the Vikes on MNF are going to be pissed. The Raiders firing Kiffin, and coming off a bye week, they should be better than they were before their last game when they lost to the Chargers in the 4th quarter. Through out the season, the Raiders have shown signs of life. All they have to do is finish off not only the 4th quarter, but also the game. There are also a few more plays that I like, which you too would have if you were to visit and were using the betting system that I've been using. Check out my record for yourself @ and see my record so far this NFL and MLB seasons. It's only the start of the 6th week of the NFL, and if you don't have yourself a betting system for the NFL, then head on over to and check one out. Not only will you recieve the NFL betting system, which has a winning percentage of 63%, but also the MLB betting strategy which has produced a phenomenal 43 wins and 0 losses. So if you're tired of loosing all your hard earned cash to the books, go to and check out a proven winning betting system. Go today to and take the gamble out of gambling.

Posted by luckyme1
7 years ago

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Posted by WilliamCinco
7 years ago

"Hi Everyone....!!! Send me an em@il at , or visit my website check out my early record , with 14 o 15 picks each week .....I have to put togheter some things.....( Inclu..."

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