Detroit injuries make Bills favorites on the road

Jason Logan

A quick look at this weekend`s Buffalo-Detroit game and the average football fan would cringe at the site of these bottom-feeders duking it out in the ugliest matchup of the NFL season.

But where "Joe Everyday" sees a reason to change the channel, football bettors see an opportunity to buy a bigger TV, especially with the line moving from Buffalo +1 to -1.

“Home-field advantage played the major role in Detroit opening as the favorite,” say bookmakers at “We have seen about triple the action on Buffalo so far in this matchup causing the move to +1 for Detroit.”

Sharp bettors have been quick to jump on Buffalo after watching the 0-5 Lions drop like flies in last week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. These key injuries have most sportsbooks seeing one-sided action and they have moved the line accordingly.

“The Lions opened -1 and was moved to Bills -1 not because of bets we took, but because of the injuries announced [this week],” says Peter Childs an oddsmaker for “That is the biggest factor for this spread. The Bills are a bad team that just gave up 40 points on the road to the Bears, the only reason they’re favored in this game is all the injuries to the Lions offense.”

Detroit’s two biggest scoring weapons were banged up in today’s game with receiver Roy Williams leaving on a cart with a back stinger and running back Kevin Jones suffering a mild concussion. Both players have missed workouts this week and are questionable heading into Week 6.

Although the status of the big-name players grabs the attention of most bettors, it is the health of the players in the Lions’ trenches that is the real reason why the Bills have become the popular choice for today’s game.

Injuries to the Detroit offensive line have left just two healthy starters for today’s game. The Lions announced Thursday that guard Damien Woody would miss the rest of the season with a mid-foot sprain joining fellow linemen Ross Verba, Rex Tucker and backup Barry Stokes on the injured list. Both Verba and Tucker are listed as questionable for this weekend.

"When you just get a rash (of injuries like this), it is what it is," head coach Rod Marinelli told the Detroit Free Press. "But in the long run, we have a chance to really develop. (Jonathan) Scott has played, and Frank (Davis)’s going to have to play, and

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