Updated 2006/2007 Stanley Cup futures odds

Odds on who will win the 2006-2007 Stanley Cup

Ottawa Senators +700
Detroit Red Wings +1000
Carolina Hurricanes +1000
Anaheim Ducks +1000
San Jose Sharks +1000
Philadelphia Flyers +1200
New Jersey Devils +1200
Calgary Flames +1200
Buffalo Sabres +1200
Dallas Stars +1500
New York Rangers +1500
Nashville Predators +1500
Colorado Avalanche +2000
Vancouver Canucks +2000
Tampa Bay Lightning +2500
Minnesota Wild +2500
Edmonton Oilers +3000
Montreal Canadiens +3000
Atlanta Thrashers +3000
Florida Panthers +3000
Toronto Maple Leafs +3000
Boston Bruins +3000
Los Angeles Kings +4000
Phoenix Coyotes +4000
New York Islanders +5000
Columbus Blue Jackets +5000
Pittsburgh Penguins +8000
St Louis Blues +8000
Washington Capitals +10000
Chicago Blackhawks +10000

Odds provided by Sportsbook.com

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