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NFL bloggers debate who will cover Saturday's Divisional Round games

The NFL Playoffs are down to its elite eight, with the a ticket to the conference championship on the line in the Divisional Round.

In order to get an inside edge on the four teams doing battle during Saturday’s postseason slate, we’ve enlisted the help of those who know these teams best. NFL expert bloggers strap on the pads and debate not only who will win but who will cover Saturday.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (-10, 44)


Andrew Juge writes for Saints Nation. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @SaintsNationBlg.

The 8.5 points in favor of the Seahawks is an astronomically-high spread for a playoff game that is inflated due to the Seahawks’ embarrassing win over the Saints on December 2. But the Saints learned some valuable lessons from that trip and their confidence on the road is peaking after a historical team win on the road against the Eagles the previous week. It is extremely difficult to beat a good team that badly twice in the same season and Sean Payton is a master at making adjustments and motivating his players.


Rob Davies writes for Field Gulls. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @FieldGulls.

In the Russell Wilson era, the Seahawks are 4-4 ATS as a double-digit favorite at home. However, when favored by less than 10 points at home, as they are this week, Seattle's a perfect 5-0 ATS since the beginning of the 2012 season. The Saints are not only looking up at trying to cover on the road - something they're not particularly adept at - but they're attempting to do so in Seattle, in arguably the most intimidating stadium in NFL history.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (-7.5, 50.5)


Kyle Rodriguez is a senior writer and assistant editor at The Colts Authority. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @ColtsAuthority.

The Colts have been an up-and-down team all season, but during the last five weeks they've found their stride offensively, which bodes poorly for New England. As long as the Colts and Andrew Luck are playing as well as they have over the last month, the defense can make enough critical plays to keep the game close. Even last week, when they allowed 44 points, they allowed just six points over the final 25 minutes. As long as the Colts don't try to get too cute against the Patriots, and keep doing what's working, they should still be in the game in the fourth quarter. Andrew Luck is 16-2 in one-possession games so far in his career, so if the Colts have a shot late in the game, they trust Luck to get it done.


Richard Hill is an editor at Pats Pulpit. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @patspulpit.

The Patriots are going to slice open the Colts defense that was exploited by the Chiefs, and the Patriots will take T.Y. Hilton out of the game. Belichick has a plan to take out the most important player on the Colts offense and he won't let Indy back into the game once they fall behind. Lead foot on the gas pedal.

Join the debate. Who covers in Saturday’s NFL Divisional Round games?

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Posted by future213
2 years ago

indy straight up indy 24- pats 20

Posted by bej0101
2 years ago

t.y. gets shut down...indy loses big

Posted by echelon1
2 years ago

FYI, take a look at the ATS records for favs in the divisional round over the last 5 years. By far not a wise choice to side with all favs. Been several years since more than 2 favs covered in this round. This league truly is a parity league now. When's the last time the fav from the reg season won the SB? When's the last time both outright reg season favs in each conference played each other in the SB? How many Wildcards made the SB last 3 years? Not just a pattern. One thing you can never overvalue is defense and running game in the playoffs. Carolina, SF, or at both crucial crunchtime areas. One of those 3 wins it all. Denver and SD both don't have the defense to win the AFC. I doubt either would make it to the AFC champ game if they weren't playing each other. Denver is certainly a bad choice to win the SB. Colts are a strong darkhorse as well as the wildcard 49ers.

Posted by echelon1
2 years ago

That same Colts defense that allowed them to dismantle the Chiefs 35-6 in the second half and boot them out of the playoffs? Nothing wrong with the Colts defense in general. Especially in their 5 wins over playoff teams (KC twice, Seattle, SF, and Denver). One game does not define a team like so many knee-jerk viewers respond to. Colts outright, and not an Indy fan, just study matchups each week.

Posted by ETexas007
2 years ago

I am in favor of the Colts. The energy and never quit performance in the wild card game proved that A. luck is a team leader who can bring their team back. The team believes it. T. Brady on the other hand has not been consistent. Injuries may be the blame but also his age is becoming a factor. I do see a high scoring game with Luck out scoring the Patriot toward the end of the game. Good Luck to all.

Posted by BIGfnPOO
2 years ago

hvac dog u r correct except for carolina,....

Posted by hvacdawg
2 years ago

favs win and cover this week.
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Top Response

Posted by echelon1
2 years ago

"FYI, take a look at the ATS records for favs in the divisional round over the last 5 years. By far not a wise choice to side with all favs. Been several years since more than 2 favs covered in this round. This league truly is a parity league now. ..."

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