King of Covers NFL regular season contest winner earns $2,500

Covers Contest user trust-me lived up to his online handle as he is crowned King of Covers for the NFL's 2013 regular season.

The user - who goes by the name Mike Smith - finished the NFL regular season with a 248-182-7 record, good for 57.67 percent and up 25,770 units.

"Wow! Couldn't believe I survived this thing all the way through," Smith said via email. "I've been using Covers for years. Like the great info and experts they have for any sport along with records and schedules. The forums are a great way to find a lot of info as well. The best site for sports news on the planet."

A native of Windsor, Ontario, Smith is a 45-year-old forklift driver whose favorite sport is, appropriately, NFL football.

User Fyourself finished second with a record of 258-190-16 (57.01 percent) for 21,690 units and will receive $1,000 cash for their efforts.

Completing the season in third was user BBBobby, who had a record of 258­-198­-8  (56.58 percent) for 20,100 units and will take home $500.

Contestants that finished No. 4 through No. 20 get exclusive Covers hoodies.

Want to get involved Covers Contests? Check out our Contests home page and put your skills to the test for cash and prizes!

Congratulations goes out to trust-me and best of luck to all!

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