Single-game betting Bill C-290 gaining more steam in Canada

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is calling for support on the bill which would legalize single game sports betting in Canada.

The president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is asking the senators who are debating Bill C-290 to focus their debate on what would be permitted under the bill instead of the morality of the issues.

If the senate agrees to the bill, the provinces would have a policy lever to decide whether betting on the reult of a single a single sporting event would be permitted, and if or what any conditions would be included.

Senators are still debating merits of the bill after some national sports organizations claimed single sports betting could lead to game fixing.Still the bill has passed in the House of Commons almost two years ago.

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Posted by tomnolan
3 years ago

we need to have legal sports wagering in every state including canida. it's 2013 already. COME ON MAN!!

Posted by habs420
3 years ago

Deja-vu. Time to concentrate on legalizing pot as well.

Posted by edwardjohn70
3 years ago

Ya what he said!

Posted by dollarist
3 years ago

Its a disgrace the senate would stall the progress of this legislation to give canadian suckers a break. What needs to happen is the Sports betting industry to be opened up to competitive free market parlours, then independent auditors and public advocates with teeth put in place to govern the lotteries.
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