Sportsbook small, simple at new Downtown Grand Hotel

The Downtown Grand in Las Vegas officially opened Tuesday (Nov. 12) and it's getting mostly positive reviews - but not so much for the sportsbook.

The hotel didn't make the William Hill run book a huge priority - called The Spread - with just a dozen or so seats, a small wall of TVs and a small counter to make your wagers. On a positive note, The Spread Deli is right beside the book so you won't have to go far for a quick bite.

Bettors will get all the benefits of odds and lines that WIll Hill has to offer, but this probably won't be your go-to book to sit and watch a game.

When you open a new hotel, you have to set priorities. The sports book wasn't one of those.

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Posted by nc1capper
3 years ago

Looks about typical for the downtown area - anxious to check this property out

Posted by warcameagle56
3 years ago

Doubt there will be too many folks hanging out there when they only have12 seats.

Posted by Syddigs
3 years ago

And knowing Will Hill and their usual business practices the limits will quickly be reduced. British books are well known around the world for reducing limits and kicking out winning customers.

Posted by habs420
3 years ago

Won't be long before the local degens settle in. That photo will never look the same.
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