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How do ESPN's top franchises stack up against the odds?

ESPN The Magazine has released their annual list of the best franchises in sports, factoring in things like fan relations, affordability, players, ownership, coaching and track record to reach their final standings.

However, it seems the folks at the World Wide Leader forgot to add one important ingredient to the mix: Sports betting.

You may have the best stadium in the business, awesome players and a banners hanging from the rafters. But unless you are constantly covering the spread or coming home with the moneyline moola, some sports fans couldn’t give two craps.

Here’s a look at how ESPN’s Top 15 franchises in sports stack up when it comes to the odds in their most recent regular season:

1. Memphis Grizzlies (NBA): 46-34-2 ATS 2012-13
2. San Antonio Spurs (NBA): 39-41-2 ATS 2012-13
3. Indiana Pacers (NBA): 42-39-0 ATS 2012-13
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA): 49-31-2 ATS 2012-13
5. Green Bay Packers (NFL): 9-7-0 ATS 2012 / 1-1-0 ATS 2013
6. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB): 88-65 (+9.11 units) 2013
7. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL): 26-22-0 ATS 2012-13
8. Anaheim Ducks (NHL): 14-5-2-3 ATS 2012-13
9. Ottawa Senators (NHL): 32-16 ATS 2012-13
10. Baltimore Ravens (NFL): 6-9-1 ATS 2012 / 1-1-0 ATS 2013
11. Cincinnati Reds (MLB): 87-66 (+1.00 unit) 2013
12. St. Louis Cardinals (MLB): 89-64 (4.52 units) 2013
13. Detroit Red Wings (NHL): 25-23 ATS 2012-13
14. Chicago Blackhawks (NHL): 19-29 ATS 2012-13
15. Denver Broncos (NFL): 10-6-0 ATS 2012 / 2-0-0 ATS 2013

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