NFL betting in Delaware sees huge revenue increases

Jon Campbell
Remember when Delaware wanted single-game wagering back in 2009? It challenged PASPA just like New Jersey recently (and lost), and claimed it was unfairly missing out on tax revenue from sports betting.

Turns out the little state had a pretty good point and the money is now proving it. 
Revenue from legalized NFL parlay betting has increased nearly 2.5 times what it was in 2009, going from $10.8 million the year the betting option was introduced, to $25.4 million last year.

Delaware now plans to double the retail outlets to make 66 available this season. Last year 31 were available at retail stores and taverns, which was the first year they were expanded beyond race tracks and casinos.

A look at the parlay card revenue numbers in Delaware year over year since 2009:

2009 - $10.8 million.
2010-  $12.9 million
2011 - $17.9 million
2012 - $25.4 million

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Posted by tomnolan
3 years ago

every state should have the opportunity to have sports wagering. its 2013 not the stone age. come man and wake up. all these states crying bankrupt. see how nice delaware is making money!!

Posted by habs420
3 years ago

Pass this on to the Canadian Senate. Pass Bill C-290 or legalize pot. Just do it.

Posted by eddietown7777
3 years ago

wrong article here
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