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MLB suspends 13, Rangers' Cruz has only betting value

Major League Baseball has handed out 50-game suspensions to 12 players involved in the Biogenesis case, according to reports.

New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez will receive the harshest penalty and be suspended through the end of the 2014 season. Reports indicate ARod will appeal the suspension which will make him eligible to play during the process.

According to Steve Mikkelson, oddsmaker at the Atlantis Reno, Nelson Cruz, the All-Star outfielder of the Texas Rangers, is the only player with any real value to moneylines and totals.

"I think that without question, the Rangers are impacted the most," Mikkelson told Covers. "That's a big bat in the middle of that Ranger lineup that is worth about three or four cents to the moneyline. You'll also see totals come down a little bit as well."

Cruz was batting .269 with 27 homers and 76 RBIs prior to the suspension.

As for Rodriguez, the oddsmaker doesn't see much impact.

"ARod is done," Mikkelson states. "I don't think it will have a big effect on the Yankees. It will be more of a media circus on the ball club than anything."

Also suspended was Detroit Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta.

"I don't think Peralta is a real factor," Mikkelson stated. "They went out and got Jose Iglesias who is a much better fielder and that will certainly aid Cabrera defensively. Cabrera can't cover anything out there and Iglesias is a better defensive option than Peralta. Detroit will hit with or without Peralta in the lineup."

Young San Diego Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera was also given a 50-game suspension by MLB.

"I'm not convinced by Cabrera yet," Mikkelson added. "He's a table setter, he gets on base and he's got a really good glove, but he's not a game changer."

Other players that have agreed to suspensions are:

Antonio Bastardo, Philadelphia Phillies reliever
Jordany Valdespin, New York Mets outfielder
Francisco Cervelli, Yankees catcher
Jesus Montero, Seattle Mariners catcher
Cesar Puello, New York Mets outfield prospect
Fautino De Los Santos, San Diego Padres pitching prospect
Sergio Escalona, Houston Astros pitching prospect
Fernando Martinez, New York Yankees outfield prospect
Jordan Norberto, free-agent pitcher

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Posted by Svern002
3 years ago

Parlaymoney u mean AROD*

Posted by ddjf
3 years ago

So that means only 13 players in all of baseball are doping. Yea ok. Puhols mysteriously out for season. I question the timing. Baseball will give you some cheats but will never tell whole truth. Thats like me opening a pizza place get caught for using dated cheese, and I admit to only using at the end of the month. What about the rest of the month? Baseball would go back to 1994 if we all know who is doping further tarnishing mlb brand. Just like I only use dated cheese at the end of the month. Yea ok

Posted by parleymoney
3 years ago

and AROID? sorry A ROD?
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Posted by parleymoney
3 years ago

"and AROID? sorry A ROD?"