Covers hits 30,000 followers on Twitter

As we surpass 30,000 followers on Twitter, we at Covers would like to celebrate the occasion by thanking our loyal readers for their support over the years.

And a special shoutout goes out to @bobbywhitaker77 as our 30,000th follower on twitter.

So, dear readers, we ask: Is there any specific improvements to the site you would like to see? Is there anything you would like to see that we don't offer as of yet? Basically, what can we do to make Covers a better place for you? Because without our dedicated readers, we wouldn't exist.

If you're not following us already, join the 30,000 strong getting instant betting info from @Covers.

Thanks and good luck!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Editorial Team, please contact us at Editorial

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Posted by Godsplay
3 years ago

why can't we add/delete friends anymore?

Posted by tomnolan
3 years ago

too many misspelled words! lol

Posted by mikem9
3 years ago


Posted by nc1capper
3 years ago

Have seen this mentioned before but if a "travel" section were to replace some of the slower forums I think people would like that

Posted by FoolishTool
3 years ago

yes,,,,,,,, the forum is a good idea but trying to read it is painfull,,,,,,,,,,jabbering back and forth, haters, getting off topic, fowl language ,,,, but the biggest problem with the forum is the terrible spelling, it's aggravating trying to read some of those post, it's as if most of the guys are in grade school or something! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, solution = have the monitors delete any post with, hate, too many mispelled words, post that change the subject or any post that is'nt at least an attempt to be informative ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, also delete post that critisize players or refs and wish they would die ect ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do something to make it seem like the average age of the posters is more than 11 years old!!!!! good grief already! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and yes i have a few mispelled words of my own but at least you can make it out unlike some of the others!
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