New Forbes Op-Ed: Let the people wager online

Jon Campbell
An Op-Ed published in Forbes Tuesday in support of legalized online gambling says "individuals should have the freedom to gamble in privacy of their own homes."

The column comes in response to the one published last week by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, that said "good people ought to resist" wagering online.

Adelson's opinion piece kicked up a stink on Twitter throughout the online sports betting industry with arguments that included getting dressed up to go to a casino means a gambler is less likely to engage in unseemly behavior.

The one written this week by Matt Rousu, an associate professor of economics at Susquehanna University and formerly a semi-pro poker player, is more the speed of the bettor. He concludes his column with:

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Posted by T99
3 years ago

late response but---excellent article

Posted by Sidehatch
3 years ago

Ahhhh Forbes, the ultimate GOP-driven publication. Unfortunately, most Republicans in power have chosen the Christian Right's stance on the issue, that all Internet gambling will lead to the slippery slope to hell. I wish the budget-hawk and defense-hawk Republicans would take control of the GOP and stop catering to this naivete, it would certainly reduce the amount of hypocrisy in the party. Until they do, I and many others, will continue to side with Democrats. I will also continue to ignore Forbes/Fox/CNBC, as Bloomberg News focuses less on the politics and strictly on the money. (Excellent coverage of Cantor Fitzgerald, for example. Today they had a wonderful piece explaining the financial opportunities in fantasy wagering, which Cantor is dumping money into.)
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Top Response

Posted by T99
3 years ago

"late response but---excellent article"