Can daredevil tightrope walk across Grand Canyon? You can bet on it.

If the end of the NBA betting season has got you down, fear not! The tightrope-walking season is upon us.

Yes, tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, who walked across Niagara Falls last year, will tackle the Grand Canyon Sunday.

Relive the magic of Wallenda's Niagara Falls walk below:

Here's a look back at the odds for the Niagara Falls walk last year:

Less than 34 minutes (+550)
34.00 - 36.59 (+300)
37.00 - 39.59 (+225)
40.00 - 42.59 (+250)
43.00 - 45.59 (+375)
46 minutes or more (+600)

The distance for the Falls walk was about 0.283 miles and Wallenda completed it in 25 minutes. The Canyon walk will be more than a third of a mile long and the wire will be suspended 1,500 feet above the river.

Here's a look at the times and available odds courtesy of SportsInteraction:

Less than 21 minutes: +350.00
21 minutes - 23 minutes 29 seconds: +200.00
23 minutes 30 seconds - 25 minutes 59 seconds: +250.00
26 minutes or more: +175.00

Wallenda says that it should take him about 30 minutes to complete the walk.

The event will air on ABC at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday.

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Posted by qdognc
3 years ago

Take the over

Posted by HogPicker
3 years ago

If you're betting on this, you may have a problem.

Posted by DanTos8715
3 years ago

I think the dude tight roping the Grand Canyon has the problem.
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Posted by HogPicker
3 years ago

"If you're betting on this, you may have a problem."