FBI arrests 18 involved in international gambling ring

The FBI busted 18 members of an international gambling ring accused of taking millions of dollars in illegal sports bets in Southern California Wednesday.

Agents arrested 14 of the defendants during raids in Los Angeles and San Diego, according to KABC.

All of the accused are connected to Macho Sports, an Internet and telephone gambling business that was taking bets from customers in California The organization is accused unlawful methods to get bettors to pay debts, including the use of threats and violence.

From U.S. attorney Laura Duffy:

"Illegal gambling is a thriving illegal business hiding in plain sight. The Department is committed to combating this crime, which too often is characterized by organized criminals, shady bookies, serious violence and lives in shambles because of gambling addiction."

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Posted by Tigermike1975
3 years ago

There is more honor with street guys than the federal government. The Feds are the real crooks.

Posted by ddjf
3 years ago

I love how gambling rings get busted and how they use violence and part of crime. But they seem to always leave out fed govt did not get their cut. I've been betting with various bookies over the years and have worked deals with bookies bc of losses and never a problem with getting paid. This is y u cannot believe what media puts out there. Read between the lines
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