How much will possible PED suspensions impact MLB odds?

Late Tuesday, Twitter exploded with the rumors of ESPN's Outside the Lines learning of roughly 20 MLB players potentially facing suspension. These players, which include some big names, were involved with a Miami-area biogenesis clinic.

Tony Bosch, who is the founder of the clinic Biogenesis of American, apparently had reached an agreement to cooperate with the investigation of Major League Baseball.

Some of the players who could be named, such as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, could face a 100-game suspension due to their second doping offense.

With punishment possibly coming this week, we talked to Steve Mikkelson, sportsbook manager at the Atlantis in Reno, to see how much these suspensions will impact the daily MLB moneylines:

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

Braun is lacking in the home run department this year with just nine, but leads the Brew Crew with 35 RBIs.

"This is a guy who is a potential MVP candidate," says Mikkelson. "The Brewers really don't have any pitching and to pull that bat out of the lineup would be devastating. If they lose Braun, they drop below teams like the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets. Without question, you're probably knocking 10 cents off the line."

Robinson Cano, New York Yankees

Cano has been compiling more great numbers and is the heart of the Yankees lineup. Many experts and pundits wrote the Yankees off before the season had started but, heading into action Tuesday, the Yankees were a surprising 2.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox atop the American League East.

"This would be another devastating blow. Not as devastating as Braun, but pretty darn close," Mikkelson says, "The Yankees have done a wonderful job in staying in it this year. Cano is everything to this lineup and he is leading in practically every offensive category and at second base. They can't stay in contention if Cano is lost."

Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers

The Rangers slugger is having another great season leading the ball club with 13 homers and 39 RBIs.

"This is a team that lost Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton and Michael Young. They're not exactly the scoring team that we're used to and Cruz fits right in the middle of that lineup. He is probably worth three or four cents to the moneyline. If they are going to win without him, which they still can, they are going to need to get guys like Alexi Ogando back and pitching well again."

Melky Cabrera, Toronto Blue Jays

Cabrera was suspended last year as a member of the San Francisco Giants. He leads the Jays with a .281 batting average in his first season with the club.

"I don't view Cabrera as that big a piece for Toronto. The loss of a guy like Jose Reyes was certainly bigger and they have a guy like Rajai Davis who can fill in," says Mikkelson.

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

Rodriguez has yet to play this season and is another player who could see a second suspension.

"A potential suspension to A-Rod will have no effect on the Yankees. All it says is 'now we know for sure that he's  not coming back'."

Jhonny Peralta, Detroit Tigers

Peralta is having a great season for Detroit, batting .332 and has 97 total bases on the season.

"He's having a really good year and his loss would hurt them. Losing Peralta certainly makes them vulnerable, but I believe they still win the division. He's hitting well, but he's poor defensively. His value is a couple of cents to the moneyline at best."

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Posted by DanTos8715
3 years ago

Right Joemw74, because football players don't take PEDs. Prices are a scam? Have you been to an NFL game? It's almost $100 to get in the door. You can probably get into a Pirates game for less than $20.

Posted by Skipbone
3 years ago

Joe is right.

Posted by gillster18
3 years ago

I got Ted Williams' autograph as a youngster outside Yankee Stadium as a kid in 1955. BB was clean and wonderful as a sport to kids in that era! Imagine Ted, The Mick, Musial Aaron Mays on steroids?? It is a shame with the salaries the drugs involved to make players better than the true greats of yesteryear and its all about the buck. Better performance means more cash. Shoot up to fame and fortune. Thats our society just look how corrupt Obama is!

Posted by BettingBorn
3 years ago

Sometimes I don't get US Sports. Any european/olympic sport would have banned them for 1-5 years as first time offenders and for life if they do it again. 50/100 games suspensions are a joke and won't stop anyone who wants to sign another big contract (see Melky Cabrera)

Posted by joemw74
3 years ago

... Baseball is a joke ... sosa ... mcgwire ... bonds ... f*cking losers ... a f*cking scam ... baseball allows drugs, but pete rose is banned for life, what a f*cking joke! ... im glad i dont go to any more pirates games ... prices are a scam ... parking, food, tickets ... the experience aint worth it any more ...
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Top Response

Posted by joemw74
3 years ago

"... Baseball is a joke ... sosa ... mcgwire ... bonds ... f*cking losers ... a f*cking scam ... baseball allows drugs, but pete rose is banned for life, what a f*cking joke! ... im glad i dont go to any more pirates games ... prices are a scam ... pa..."