DOJ to seek another extension after bicycle accident

The U.S. Department of Justice, fresh off of receiving an extension in its fight against legalized sports betting in New Jersey, could receive another extension after appellate attorney Scott McIntosh was injured in a bicycle accident, according to John Brennan of

From Brennan:

The DOJ, along with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and the NCAA, is scheduled to file its brief on May 28, with New Jersey slated to reply on June 7. The DOJ now wants to push the dates until June 7 for its filing and June 14 for the response.

The State said it would accept an extension until June 3, with the reply date of June 12.

Either way, it's getting a bit more difficult to hold onto the scheduled June 26 oral argument date.

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Posted by budwiser
3 years ago

They asked for a delay in the previous case. They have had a ton of time to get ready. How anybody takes this gov't team seriously is beyond me. We already have IRS gate, Eric Holder is going to get fired. They're a joke, and they should not have got an extension-they had plenty of time to get ready, and they have somebody else to finish the job. Pampered jerks, getting paid big $ on our dole.

Posted by mafioso
3 years ago

Too bad he and the rest of the DOJ didn't just die
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