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Atlantis Casino first book to release 2013 NFL season win totals

Jason Logan
The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada is the first sportsbook to release 2013 NFL season win totals, setting the over/under on victories for all 32 teams Thursday.

Atlantis sportsbook director Steve Mikkelson, renowned for being the first to release MLB season win totals each year, crunched the NFL numbers on his day off Wednesday and sat down with Covers to discuss some of the most interesting win totals on the board before they went live Thursday afternoon.

Toughest win totals to set – Kansas City Chiefs (6.5), Philadelphia Eagles (7.5) and Detroit Lions (7.5)

“For me, the toughest win totals to set were the Chiefs, Eagles and Lions because they all underachieved last year,” Mikkelson told Covers. “The Chiefs and Eagles have new coaches, with Andy Reid and Chip Kelly, so you’d like to think that would make a difference. But it’s an unknown.”

Biggest difference from last year – Seattle Seahawks (11)

“The Seahawks were 7.5 wins last year and now we have them at 11. We have some teams going up by three, like Denver and Indianapolis, but the Seahawks are the biggest jump. That defense is dominating and Russell Wilson played so well in his first year. Some people think they’re the best team in the NFL. Even though (the NFC West is) a tough division, you have to think of them as one of the best and we weren’t saying that last year.”

Highest season win total – Denver Broncos (12)

“It’s not really a case of me thinking they’re the absolute best team in football, but you look at that schedule and (the AFC West) division and I don’t know where they’re going to get those losses from. As long as (Peyton) Manning stays healthy, I don’t see a whole lot of losses for this team.”

Lowest season win total – Jacksonville Jaguars (4.5)

“Not really a surprise. It’s just a case of them not having a lot going for them,” says Mikkelson. “I’m not sold on the quarterback situation and I’m not sure if Blaine Gabbert can play. They had a nice draft, but is that really going transition them into being a strong team? Maurice Jones-Drew is back but how healthy is he going to be? They’re just a bad team and it’s tough to give them wins. I could have easily went with four but everyone likes to bet the low totals up and the high ones down.”

Here are the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa's 2013 NFL season win totals (limits $500 per wager):

Arizona Cardinals

Over 6 -110
Under 6 -120

Atlanta Falcons

Over 10 -135
Under 10 +105

Baltimore Ravens  

Over 9.5 -120
Under 9.5 -110

Buffalo Bills

Over 5 -135
Under 5 +105

Carolina Panthers   

Over 6.5 -130
Under 6.5 EVEN

Chicago Bears   

Over 8.5 -145
Under +115

Cincinnati Bengals

Over 9 -115
Under 9 -115

Cleveland Browns 

Over 5 +120
Under 5 -150

Dallas Cowboys 

Over 8.5 -150
Under 8.5 +120

Denver Broncos  

Over 12 -130
Under 12 EVEN

Detroit Lions  

Over 7 -115
Under 7 -115

Green Bay Packers 

Over 12 -115
Under 12 -115

Houston Texans  

Over 11 -150
Under 11 +110

Indianapolis Colts

Over 8 -150
Under 8 +120

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Over 4.5 -140
Under 4.5 +110

Kansas City Chiefs

Over 6.5 -130
Under 6.5 EVEN

Miami Dolphins   

Over 7.5 -115
Under 7.5 -115

Minnesota Vikings 

Over 7.5 -115
Under 7.5 -115

New England Patriots  

Over 11.5 -140
Under 11.5 -140

New Orleans Saints  

Over 9.5 -115
Under 9.5 -115

New York Giants   

Over 9 -120
Under 9 -110

New York Jets

Over 7 -120
Under 7 -110

Oakland Raiders

Over 5.5 -115
Under 5.5 -115

Philadelphia Eagles

Over 6.5 -150
Under 6.5 +120
Pittsburgh Steelers

Over 10 -130
Under EVEN
San Diego Chargers

Over 7 EVEN
Under 7 -130
San Francisco 49ers  

Over 11.5 -140
Under +110

Seattle Seahawks

Over 11 -140
Under 11 +110

St. Louis Rams

Over 8 -115
Under 8 -115
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Over 6.5 -115
Under 6.5 -115

Tennessee Titans  

Over 6.5 +110
Under 6.5 -140

Washington Redskins

Over 9 -110
Under 9 -120

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Posted by AST
3 years ago

Always take season win unders, so injuries are on your side. If you look historically both SB teams (winner & loser), struggle to meet their win total the following year and seldom even make the playoffs...other than NE. I am fading Niners big time. Also, the more hype a team gets (Seattle this year) the better the under bet...remember the Eagle "dream team" everyone thought was going to win the SB because they signed a bunch of free agents and they didn't even make the playoffs?

Posted by canuck10
3 years ago

If you compare it to the Pythagorean numbers (in brackets) for last season, the best values are: Kansas City U6.5 (3.16) Green Bay U12 (9.93) Buffalo O5 (6.88) Philadelphia U6.5 (4.83) Tampa Bay O6.5 (8.06) Cleveland O5 (6.55) New Orleans U9.5 (7.96) Carolina O6.5 (7.95) These don't take into account this year's schedule and any off-seasons changes. Cheers

Posted by Getty3
3 years ago

Jacksonville Over 4.5 is automatic for those who will lay 140 to return 100.

Posted by RenoChazz
3 years ago

Reno's got a bay area bias so I like the under on the 49ers at plus money

Posted by RenoChazz
3 years ago

look like there's a mistake on the New England line.

Posted by yaz
3 years ago

I think the Niners don't smell 12 wins this year. Wonder what the Experts think?

Posted by silentthread
3 years ago

Steelers 10? Ha ha Big time free money! Take under GO DOLPHINS!!

Posted by eyedog
3 years ago

Jets 7 wins. Haha. free money . Under big.

Posted by Sidehatch
3 years ago

You are wise beyond your years.
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Top Response

Posted by yaz
3 years ago

"I think the Niners don't smell 12 wins this year. Wonder what the Experts think?"