Tracking NBA season win totals at the three-quarter mark

Most NBA teams have played between 60 and 64 games, marking the unofficial three-quarter mark of the season.

Way back in October bettors placed their season win total wagers, so let’s check in and have a look at some teams that are approaching their established totals and a few that don’t have a prayer of meeting bettors’ expectations.

Three teams that have exceeded or are close to reaching their season win totals

Houston Rockets

Season win total: 32
Current wins: 34
Games left: 18

James Harden has been the difference, much to the delight of bettors that wagered on Houston to win more than 32 games.

Golden State Warriors

Season win total: 36.5
Current wins: 35
Games left: 18

It would take an epic collapse for the Warriors not to pay off those who took the over.

Portland Trail Blazers

Season win total: 34
Current wins: 29
Games left: 21

The Blazers are currently a sub-.500 team, but not at the Rose Garden where they boast an impressive 20-10 record.

Three teams that should exceed their season win totals

Brooklyn Nets

Season win total: 45.5
Current wins: 37
Games left: 19

Deron Williams and Joe Johnson would both have to fall to season-ending injuries in order for the Nets not to win 46 games.

Los Angeles Clippers

Season win total: 50
Current wins: 44
Games left: 18

The Clippers didn’t lose a game in the month of December, much to the delight of bettors that predicted they would eclipse the 50-win mark.

San Antonio Spurs

Season win total: 56.5
Current wins: 48
Games left: 19

This team finds a way to win even when All-Stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aren’t in the lineup.

Three teams that don’t have a prayer of reaching their season win totals

Los Angeles Lakers

Season win total: 56.5
Current wins: 32
Games left: 19

The Lakers are improving as the season progresses, but it's mathematically impossible for them to meet the expectations of oddsmakers this season.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Season win total: 41
Current wins: 21
Games left: 23

The chances of this team being .500 were shot down when star forward Kevin Love fell to injury.

Philadelphia 76ers

Season win total: 46.5
Current wins: 23
Games left: 21

The Sixers have only one win in their last 12 games. Hopefully you took the under.

All odds courtesy of the LVH.

All stats prior to action Sunday.

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