Canadian Cardinal odds on favorite to be next Pope

The news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign at the end of the month due to health reasons shocked the world Monday morning and sparked the debate about who will be the next leader of the Catholic Church.

According to sportsbook, Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet is a +250 favorite to replace Pope Benedict XVI. Other notables include Cardinal Francis Arinze (Nigeria) and Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana), both priced at +350. Looking for an underdog? How about U2 frontman Bono, who is a 1,000-1 long shot.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada) 5/2
Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi (Italy) 33/1
Cardinal Jose Da Cruz Policarpo (Portugal) 50/1
Cardinal Francis Arinze (Nigeria) 7/2
Cardinal Renato Martino (Italy) 33/1
Archbishop Vincent Nichols (England) 50/1
Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana) 7/2
Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera (Mexico) 33/1
Cardinal George Pell (Australia) 66/1
Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (Argentina) 5/1
Cardinal Odilo Scherer (Sao Paulo) 33/1
Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela (Spain) 80/1
Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy) 6/1
Archbishop Piero Marini (Italy) 33/1
Cardinal Ivan Dias (India) 80/1
Archbishop Angelo Scola (Venice) 8/1
CardinalAlbert Malcolm Ranjith (Sri Lanka) 33/1
Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller (Germany) 80/1
Archbishop Angelo Scola (Italy) 8/1
Cardinal Philippe Barbarin (France) 33/1
Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnelo (Brazil) 100/1
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (Honduras) 10/1
Cardinal Agnostino Vallini(Italy) 33/1
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin 100/1
Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (Italy) 14/1
Cardinal Mauro Piacenza (Italy) 33/1
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo (USA) 100/1
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (Italy) 14/1
Cardinal Karl Lehmann (Germany) 40/1
Cardinal Walter Kasper (Germany) 125/1
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Argentina) 20/1
Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino (Cuba) 40/1
Archbishop Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez (Dominican Republic) 150/1
Cardinal Claudio Hummes (Brazil) 20/1
Cardinal Raymond Burke (America) 40/1
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (Italy) 150/1
Cardinal Christoph von Schonborn (Austria) 25/1
Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa (Chile) 40/1
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (UK) 150/1
Cardinal Timothy Dolan (USA) 25/1
Cardinal Angelo Sodano (Italy) 40/1
Cardinal Giacomo Biffi (Italy) 150/1
Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe (Italy) 25/1
Cardinal Attilio Nicora (Italy) 40/1
Cardinal Francis George (USA) 200/1
Cardinal Wilfrid Napier (South Africa) 33/1
Cardinal William Levada (America) 40/1
Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli (Italy) 200/1
Cardinal Camillo Ruini (Italy) 33/1
Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (Italy) 50/1
Bono (Ireland) 1000/1
Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera (Spain) 33/1
Cardinal Angelo Amato (Italy) 50/1
Father Dougal Maguire (Craggy Island) 1000/1
Cardinal Keith O Brien (Scotland) 33/1

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Posted by notluckylogan
4 years ago

I'll take the Italian pizza maker!

Posted by moho
4 years ago


Posted by thesoulpurpose
4 years ago

anyone who pays attention to prophecy knows that Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana) will get in, this man will bring death and bloodshed to rome and will be the last pope in history

Posted by moho
4 years ago

LOL @ Clepto yeah no sh!t bro. Degenerates will bet on anything fer sure. As for a woman pope,there was 1 but very,very,very short lived and kept quiet.

Posted by clepto
4 years ago

Wow, you bet on this and you need some serious help. Like anybody on this site has any idea who any of these guys are. Zzzzzzz, wake me up when the white smoke comes out of the chimney. Really, who cares?
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Top Response

Posted by notluckylogan
4 years ago

"I'll take the Italian pizza maker!"