Brady, Kaepernick top early Super Bowl MVP odds

If you’ve already got your bets down on this weekend’s conference championship games, why not try to beat the rush on Super Bowl XLVII MVP props. Online sportsbook has odds out on which NFL star will shine brightest in the Big Easy on February 3.

Brady, Tom +150
Ryan, Matt +750
Kaepernick, Colin +250
Gore, Frank +2000
Rice, Ray +2000
Ridley, Stevan +2000
Flacco, Joe +1600
Jones, Julio +4000
Crabtree, Michael +2500
Welker, Wes +3300
Hernandez, Aaron +4000
White, Roddy +4000
Lloyd, Brandon +10000
Gonzalez, Tony +10000
Turner, Michael +10000
Smith, Aldon +10000
Stokley, Brandon +15000
Woodhead, Danny +10000
Davis, Vernon +10000
Boldin, Anquan +12500
Talib, Aqib +12500
Moss, Randy +15000

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Posted by 98ITR
3 years ago

All that Brady money is toast. Doesn't Brandon Stokley play for the Borncos. They gone long time There is nice value in the WR/TE for both Sf and Bal. Put $5 each and will get a solid return. I don't think a RB will get it as both running D's are solid. Large betters will be looking at the QB's. Take both Flacco and Kapernick and if either one wins you will get at least 25% on your return

Posted by garretdoherty
3 years ago

Terrible price on brady and Colin Could a running back get it Rice or gore..
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