Where the action is: Remaining bowl games

Bowl season is winding down, but some of the most anticipated matchups are still to come. We talk with online sportsbook BetDSI.eu about the biggest line moves on the board.

Go Daddy.com Bowl

Arkansas State vs. Kent State (-3.5, 61)

Most of the volume here has favored Arkansas State at the -3 number. There has been decent movement on the game, but nothing really sharp backing either side to this point. Arkansas St. is seeing a lean in its favor with almost a 2-to-1 in wager count and money wagered slightly favors Kent State. There was some respected money that did come in on the total at 61.5.

BCS Championship Game

Alabama vs. Notre Dame (9.5, 40.5)

Sharp money hit Alabama early at +7.5, +8, and +8.5, pushing the current line value to 9.5. The current situation and expectation is the public will be somewhat split on this game as it heads towards kick off. Sharp money is also backing the under at the 41 and 41.5 values. The total has a 2-to-1 money wagered lean on the under and the line is currently sitting at the 40 value.

Odds and commentary courtesy of BetDSI.eu.

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Posted by damonte
4 years ago

Who edits these articles? And who authors them with such obvious mistakes as making ND the favorite?

Posted by fisherton
4 years ago

alabama plus 7 1/2, plus 8 and plus 8 1/2 - guess i'm a sharp cuz i'd be on them at that number too
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Top Response

Posted by fisherton
4 years ago

"alabama plus 7 1/2, plus 8 and plus 8 1/2 - guess i'm a sharp cuz i'd be on them at that number too"