NFL betting: Tracking season win totals

The final week of the NFL season is upon us and it’s make-or-break time for bettors and their season win totals bets. Several teams are on the bubble heading into Week 17 and bettors will be rooting them on or against them, hoping for a big payout prior to New Year’s Eve.

Let’s take a look at the teams that can make or break bettors on Sunday.

Season win total odds courtesy of BetOnline

Baltimore Ravens
O/U: 10.5 wins
Have: 10 wins
Week 17 opponent: Cincinnati

Chicago Bears
O/U: 9
Have: 9 wins
Week 17 opponent: Detroit

Cleveland Browns

O/U: 5 wins
Have: 5 wins
Week 17 opponent: Pittsburgh

Dallas Cowboys

O/U: 9 wins
Have: 8 wins
Week 17 opponent: Washington

Green Bay Packers
O/U: 12
Have: 11 wins
Week 17 opponent: Minnesota

Miami Dolphins

O/U: 7.5
Have: 7 wins
Week 17 opponent: New England

New England Patriots

O/U: 12 wins
Have: 11 wins
Week 17 opponent: Miami

San Francisco 49ers

O/U: 10 wins
Have: 10 wins
Week 17 opponent: Arizona

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Posted by lazyhead
4 years ago

i dont get it

Posted by MrBogey
4 years ago

does the tie count in this type of bet?

Posted by forkball
4 years ago

San Francisco 49ers have 10.5 wins for the season.
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Posted by lazyhead
4 years ago

"i dont get it"