Book has lost over $100K on OT promotion this season (formerly has lost $137,022 this year, thanks to a promotion relating to NFL overtime games, according to the company.

The book announced at the beginning of the regular season that it will refund the stakes on spread bets lost during regular season overtime periods.

“We were looking for a promotion to really differentiate the sportsbook and set it apart in the industry and I think we did a good job at that. Being different has a cost and I think those bet refunds reflect very positively in our customers´ perception of the brand," said Trading Director Russ Candler.

So far this season 17 games have gone to overtime in the NFL. Only five of those games were not determined in the extra frame for the spread bettor.

Eleven of the 17 OT games went over the total while the other six fell under the number.

Here's a look at a few more overtime stats:

-    The Buccaneers have never scored an overtime touchdown.
-    The Vikings have allowed the most overtime touchdowns (10)
-    The Broncos and the Steelers have played the most overtime games in NFL history up to 2010 (40 games each)
-    From 1991-2003 the Patriots played in at least one overtime game every season (13 consecutive seasons).
-    Here´s some bragging rights material for 49er fans: The 49ers have been able to win eight consecutive overtime games.

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Posted by Slick Rick
4 years ago

This would not make me want to play this book any more than mine. In fact, it looks like a stupid business decision and I'd be less confident they're actually going to be around by making unnessary risks like this.

Posted by mgmprofits
4 years ago

ummm.....Who cares if they lost 100k? Isn't that like peanuts to a book? Or am I missing something here

Posted by Plisskin76
4 years ago

umm,bucs scored OT TD vs panthers couple weeks ago.

Posted by RedStormSports
4 years ago

ummm... last I checked, the 49ers have NOT won 8 straight OT games... Considering they didn't win the last one they played in
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Top Response

Posted by RedStormSports
4 years ago

"ummm... last I checked, the 49ers have NOT won 8 straight OT games... Considering they didn't win the last one they played in"