Bill C-290 and the fight for single-game wagering in Canada

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Posted by RN506
3 years ago

I have said the thing same thing elsewhere on other articles on this site, but I mean.. it seems the rest of country is behind Atlantic Canada in terms of betting. We can bet online here, we can bet one two games, we can combine spreads, moneyline & totals. I was told by ALC they are all set up for single game betting, just waiting for the red light. In one way, your ahead because I see you can wager a 100 bucks... here, the most we can bet is 25, but you can increase your bet with combos. Check out "pro line stadium" if you wanna see what I am talking about. If they knock down the legislation it will just lead to me giving my money when I lose to some off shore millionaires, instead of my cash strapped province.

Posted by habs420
3 years ago

OLG, you've screwed us long enough. Do it the right way or not at all.

Posted by HandyGpicks
3 years ago

Please Senate
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