Will Hill takes 'modest' five-figure loss on Obama win

A William Hill betting shop client who two days ago placed a bet of £30,000 on Barack Obama to win the U.S. Presidential Election will collect £67,500, according to a press release from the UK-based bookmaker.

Another client, from Thailand who staked $30,000 U.S. is also a winner, as is the Russian who staked £13,600 on Obama - but the customer who risked £25,000 on a Mitt Romney victory wasn't so fortunate.

“We took over £1million worth of bets on the US Election for the first time and suffered a relatively modest five figure loss thanks to Barack Obama's supporters,” said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. “If nothing else, this election has proved that the bookies are a better guide to the outcome of the election than the pollsters who had it a far closer race than we did.”

William Hill
opened the Democrats and Republicans with an equal chance to win the 2016 election, pitting them both at 11/10 odds.

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Posted by Popo21
3 years ago

How did he collect 67k off a 30k bet! Did they have Obama as an underdog....I would`ve put huge money down if that was the case.

Posted by GoogsVL3
3 years ago

Covers !!! WTF with the avatars?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by toddwins
3 years ago

To me, it doesn't matter who wins, they are both puppets whose strings are being pulled by the same puppet master..........having said that, some 'tard at my work bet me $100 and he took Obama, and get this, he gave me 10 to 1 on my money...what a sweet cash that would have been

Posted by Dealhunter
3 years ago

Sorry how is he the 'tard if he won the bet and you lost...even if he gave you 10-1 odds for Romney? And don't even say that's a bad bet on his part because it's not like Obama can get reelected again...

Posted by 666LES
3 years ago

Some other shops hab obama 2/5 fav or -380 and that would equate to an 8-10 point SuperBowl fav. Maybe this indicates that a bookie shouldn't hang a # where he doesn't know the horse race.
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