Bears or Cowboys? Bloggers debate who will cover

Monday Night Football comes to “The House That Jerry Built” in Week 4. The Chicago Bears visit the Dallas Cowboys, who oddsmakers have tagged as 3.5-point home favorites.

We put the gloves on each teams’ expert blogger and let them fight over which side will cover the spread in this primetime matchup. Adam Oestmann of Bears blog “Chicago Bears Huddle” and K.D. Drummond of Cowboys blog “Blogging The Boys” join us for our Monday night debate.


Adam Oestmann is the managing editor for Chicago Bears Huddle on ChicagoNow. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @BearsHuddle.

Bears’ defense is playing lights-out

The Bears’ defensive line currently leads the NFL in sacks with 14 through three games. Chicago’s front four are finally taking advantage of the attention garnered by Julius Peppers, and the pressure is coming from all sides. When the Bears get pressure, that Tampa-2 comes alive.

The Bears’ secondary is playing opportunistic football and currently ranks second in the NFL with nine takeaways. Cornerback Tim Jennings owns four of those nine, and he leads the NFL among defensive backs. Through three games, quarterbacks throwing at Jennings have an average 4.9 (yes, you read that correctly) passer efficiency rating.

Cutler is due to bounce back

Despite a strange aversion to Thursday Night Football, Jay Cutler has excelled on Monday Night Football, having won four of five starts. In those games, he’s thrown for 11 TDs and three interceptions while compiling passer ratings of 108.4, 82.5, 106.6, 99.6 and 96.9. Cutler has also been known to bounce back following a series of offensive struggles, which he and the offensive unit have had in two of their last three. I think he explodes back onto the scene down in Dallas Monday night.

Big-play potential

The Bears have yet to see some of their most potent weapons on offense make an impact. Sooner or later, they will. Devin Hester’s talent in the return game and Matt Forte’s versatility and big-play potential will not stay contained forever. Forte is coming off an ankle injury heading down to Dallas, but all indications are that he could very well play Monday night. If he does, the Bears have too many options in Forte, Bush, Hester, Marshall and Jeffery for the Cowboys to stop them all.

Chicago 20, Dallas 16

This won’t be any easy victory for either team and the Bears are definitely facing a tough opponent against a stout defense that can stop the run and get after the quarterback. Jay Cutler’s been sacked 11 times this season, and he’ll need to keep some plays alive with his feet on Monday night, but that’s when Jay really has the potential to get in a groove. The Bears’ offense will come alive on enough big plays down field to outscore Tony Romo and Co. in a defensive battle down in Dallas.


K.D. Drummond writes for Blogging The Boys and SB Nation Dallas. He can be followed on Twitter @KDP10For10 and @BloggingTheBoys.

Good vs. Evil

It’s the battle of the horrible offensive lines. Neither Tony Romo or Jay Cutler has much in the way of protection these days. But it’s obvious to anyone watching that Romo does a much better job of handling the pressure (in his face and of the situation) than Cutler does. Romo would have every right to flip out on his teammates in the same way as Jay, but he chooses not to. Thus, his teammates are more likely to exert the extra amount of effort necessary to come through for Tony in a tough game. Intangibles can always be laughed away by stats-only guys, but Romo’s the better man and it counts for something.

The difference is…

Turnover differential is often used in retrospect when evaluating whether a team is a winner or loser. The truth is, turnovers often have very little to do with the team that gets them and everything to do with the team that gives them up, especially interceptions. Chicago is tied with Philly for the league lead in interceptions with six. Combine that with the fact that Dallas is the stingiest team in the league so far in yardage allowed and the Cowboys should finally be able to gain a significant advantage in the field-position battle.

Dallas is more advanced

There are two key advanced statistics that help explain why a team is better: One predictive (Net Yards Per Attempt Differential) and one descriptive (Passer Rating Differential). Dallas comes out on top in both. Net YPA measures how many yards are gained per passing attempt, factoring in sack yardage lost. Dallas currently ranks third in the NFL with a whopping 2.2 yard difference. Think about that: For every pass play, Dallas earns an extra two yards more than their opponents. The Bears aren’t bad, but rank 10th at just over a half a yard difference. Dallas also boasts a positive Passer Rating Differential good for 14th overall while Chicago is in the negative and ranked 20th. See, Dallas is more advanced.

Dallas 24, Chicago 17

The under is 7-0 for the 2012 season in weeknight games. Non-NFC East teams are now 1-4 straight up and 2-3 ATS on the road in weeknight games. You can expect Dallas to cover the 3.5 points and keep the Bears offense stifled for a nice and tidy home victory.

Join the debate in the comment section below. Who will cover the spread Monday night?

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Posted by Plisskin76
4 years ago

6-1 under weeknite games.ravens went over in opener.

Posted by ynotzepol10
4 years ago

This game looks like a 24-21 final score,good luck all.

Posted by kvicks916
4 years ago

im saying bears 24-17 and its an under game too bears have too much D. dal is still figuring out their offense

Posted by MrVitalvicious
4 years ago

Both teams are terrible offensively, the Cowboys have a bit more explosion with Murray running the rock. Bears I feel have an overall better team, Cowboys are at home and will feed off the crowd. Romo is overrated and could cost Dallas the game with a careless mistake, the same could be said for Cutler. This is a toss up. But I'd say 17-16 Bears

Posted by earlbii
4 years ago

Yes neither writers sound confident, but i chose to pass. I like the cowboys, but they are unpredictable at best.

Posted by dude1618
4 years ago

The MNF opener went 1-1 on over under

Posted by heylou54
4 years ago

Both writers really don t sound very confident in there teams or their picks! Why should they both of these offenses are very flackey because of the Q B !!! I will be playing the under(which looks 2 easy) I will take Dallas 1st half+ see How I do at half time ! Dallas 20 Bears 13
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Top Response

Posted by MrVitalvicious
4 years ago

"Both teams are terrible offensively, the Cowboys have a bit more explosion with Murray running the rock. Bears I feel have an overall better team, Cowboys are at home and will feed off the crowd. Romo is overrated and could cost Dallas the game with ..."