Early NFL upsets a mint for moneyline bettors

Through the first two weeks of the NFL regular season, the underdogs provided a slightly better return than the favorites against the spread, but it was nothing to get too excited about.

That all changed in Week 3. Including Seattle’s highly-questionable win over Green Bay Monday night, the underdogs covered the spread in 11 of the 16 games and nine of those games were SU upsets.

If you decided to put one unit on the underdog in all 16 of those games, you would have walked away with a nice little return of $550 for the week betting with the spread. However, the real money to be made in Week 3 was on the moneyline.

While the average person that wagers on the NFL tends to stick with the spreads as their primary form of betting, it is weeks like this that make you realize the value that a moneyline bet can sometimes offer.

If you would have been clairvoyant enough to know which of the dogs were going to win their games outright, a one-unit bet on the moneyline on all nine of those games would have returned $1,665.

The amazing thing about last week’s results were that even if you placed that same one-unit on the moneyline for all 16 underdogs on the slate, you still would have cleared $965 for the week.

The highest moneyline payout for any of the games in the first three weeks of the season was +600 on Arizona’s shocking upset of New England in Week 2. In fact, if you would have made a one-unit bet on the moneyline for the surprising 3-0 Cardinals in their first three games this season, you would be up $895 right now.

Check out the moneyline odds for all of NFL Week 4’s action.

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Posted by ricolazio
3 years ago

I think this week goes the other way around, 49ers, New England, GreenBay!

Posted by usmail
3 years ago


Posted by 666LES
3 years ago

Everyone on Covers knows who to bet on Monday morning.

Posted by bowlerman
3 years ago

okay the writing is on the wall ... take favorites this week also bet over on all 4 college teams that have been playing under ...
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Posted by usmail
3 years ago


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